Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Oh You Pretty Things

This isn't a tribute post to David Bowie but if it was then this would be the song I'd choose and this would be the version.

I love the way it's pulled right back.

Just the man and his beautiful voice and that moment a little after the 3 minute mark where he glances across at the rest of the band and smiles because he knows how great it sounds ...

Anyway, like I said, not a tribute post but a recognition of a huge talent and a sad loss.

I've been collecting a few pretty things of my own over the past few weeks.

The thing I'm really happy with at the moment is this:

Don't you just love it?  
I know I DO!!

Although it's been shabby chic'd it's been done really well with just the slightest distressing and it's been properly waxed and the natural oak top had been oiled.

It's not in situ yet so I've lifted these photos from ebay (although I wish that mirror were mine too!).

Want to know what makes it even better?

It was a BARGAIN!!!  You win some, you lose some on ebay and I've had experience of both but for me this was a huge win at only ...  wait for it ... £26!!!

Seriously, I expected it to go for more than double that so I was really pleased AND it's the perfect fit for the alcove next to my fireplace.

Buying things to make my home nicer really does make me happy but it's not something I do all that often.  To be perfectly honest the house needs so much doing to it that it seems a little frivolous to buy pretty stuff without addressing major issues like the roof etc but, well, I can't afford a new rood so until it caves in and buries me along with the pretty stuff I may as well make the place look a little nicer.

I wasn't even supposed to be looking at furniture, I was supposed to be looking for things for the bathroom because at long last (having first said I was going to do it many months ago) I am decorating the bathroom!

My bathroom used to be decorated with beach hut stripes like this:

But I'd decided to go for a more sophisticated look and paint it grey which I think will work really well with the tongue and groove walls.
please note proper use of masking tape and everything (I haven't painted over the coving)

This is the colour I've chosen.  You wouldn't believe how many shade of grey there are!  Some were really green and some almost brown.  This one is called pearl grey and it's a Wilko own brand paint especially for bathrooms.  It's got a lovely soft silvery sheen to it, I like it a lot!
But I don't really DO sophisticated do I ...
So anyway, I bought this for SD as a little extra at Christmas because I liked it.
Luckily SD likes it too so I just needed to decide where it could go.
And I thought ... 'Why not the bathroom!'.

And I realised that what I REALLY wanted was a workshop style bathroom.  You know, the kind of place you wander into that has random things hung on the wall and things to tinker with so this was the perfect starting point!

So anyway.  When we were on the way to pick up the cabinet I mentioned in my last post we stopped at a place near Lyme Regis called The Trading Post.  It sells all kinds of stuff from antiques to junk and most of it very reasonably priced so I picked up a few bits to add to the bathroom when it's finished:

Like this oil can      

And this windy thing that SD tells me is used for fencing but I plan to hang it on the wall     

And this which I've ordered from EBay and plan on hanging by the sink for  stuff we use every day.

And finally this

Which I'm going to hang of the shelves above and put the toothbrushes in!
 I don't know if it's inspired or just plain mad - I guess time will tell ...


joeh said...

Great old stuff, love the cabinet. I remember my dad using one of those windy things to drill holes when the electric drill cord would not reach.

Val said...

My husband would love your bathroom. But you would not love to have him IN your bathroom.

Polly said...

£26!!.... you lucky girl, what a bargain, it's gorgeous. Like joeh I remember my father having all those kind of tools in his shed. He could make and fix almost anything, even car engines That's a novel idea for your bathroom, will you post some photos when it's finished?

Sarah said...

It's a great cabinet isn't it Joe? I'm thinking that the windy thing would be great as a hand towel holder. what do you think?

Hick would always be welcome to use my bathroom if he were in the area Val.

I KNOW Polly, what a bargain eh? I'll definitely be posting more about my bathroom as it progresses - I know it's a bit 'out there' even for me but I think it could really work. x