Thursday, 22 September 2016

Living And loving

I was reading a blog yesterday written by a lady who, amongst other things, has a great love of live music.


It got me thinking about how lucky I am that SD and I share this love and can indulge ourselves on a fairly regular basis.

For me the 80's were pretty much taken up with childcare and, while I don't begrudge a moment of that it did mean that there wasn't really time or money for much else so I didn't get to see some of my favourite bands in their heyday, the closest I got was listening to the chart countdown on the radio or watching Top of the Pops.

Thank god so many of them had staying power and are still around today!

I sat last night trying to compile a list of the bands/artists SD and I had seen together. When I ran it past SD he thought the only one I'd forgotten was Hugh Cornwell (the original lead singer of The Stranglers) - sorry Hugh, you were AMAZING!

So far together we have seen (some more than once):

The Manic Street Preachers - Super Furry Animals - Echo And The Bunnymen - Adam Ant - The Stranglers - Public Image Limited - Madness - Bad Manners - Wheatus - The Kaiser Chiefs - Heaven 17 - Pop Will Eat Itself - Jesus Jones - The Damned - The Dickies - The Wonder Stuff and of course Hugh Cornwell.

It's a pretty impressive list isn't it?  And we have tickets to see The Specials and Feeder later in the year.

This isn't really a 'proper' post, it's really just me trying to keep track and to remind myself how fortunate I am that I get to do all of this with someone who shares so many of my loves in life.

We may have taken FAR to many years to get to where we are but I'm looking forward to a future of more bands, more beaches, more festivals, more 'chazzing' in charity and second hand shops (which I MUST write a post about SOON), more fruit picking, more drinking beer in pubs listening to local bands, more dressing up in silly outfits and partying with friends, more lying on my back in the dirt painting the underside of cars, more messing about at the farm, more sitting in the sun high on the cliffs in Cornwall.

Just more living and loving I guess.


Treey Stynes said...

The Stranglers were the loudest group I've heard and the Specials are a band I relate to. I remember listening to their music as I grew up in Coventry too. The 80s was a great time in popular music.

Sarah said...

It was the BEST time Treey - so much since then has been generic, money making music (with a few exceptions) - the 80's was a time of innovation and experimentation. I feel very lucky to have seen so much of it first hand.

Holly Hollyson said...

Luke and I haven't been to any concerts together!! Nor have we ever been on a proper abroad holiday together before - it is all madness!! I love music from the 80s too. I have never seen a one of your bands on that list there though.

Sarah said...

SD and I took our time (nearly 30 years!) before we saw any bands together so you and Luke may still get there :-) - We haven't been abroad together either but Canada is on our list at some point as one of SD's oldest friends lives there.

SARN said...

I was a teenager in the 80s too and still love its music.

Although I have also embraced newer bands . . . and am off to London to see The Kills next month . . . can't wait! You can't beat listening to live music.