Wednesday, 10 May 2017

If You Only Do One Thing Today

Then go and read this post.

Before you do I will tell you that this lady (who I find seriously funny) doesn't mince her words.

I'm fairly sure that no one who reads my blog is easily offended by the odd expletive and I'm fairly sure you all share my sense of humour so I am certain you will find her funny too.

Even in the midst of a pretty crappy time there is always something to make you smile isn't there and she certainly does it for me.

I'm am realising that I have many more reasons to smile than I have to be sad.

All of the supportive comments you've given me lately are reasons.

The book Audrey gave me and the lovely ring from Miss Mac, more reasons.

This beautiful hand made card that popped through my door yesterday from the wonderful Sarn with such a touching and positive message inside really made my day!

Sitting in the van waiting for SD last night in a quiet country lane, breathing in the scent of newly mown grass and listening to the song of a thousand birds.  The sun warm on my face.  A pheasant wandering down the farm track on the other side of the road, the golden light of a late afternoon in Spring.

This sunset over the farm on Saturday evening (the photo doesn't do it justice, it was so BEAUTIFUL!)

These are the things that keep me going.  These are the things that will be there long after this horrible time has past.  These are the things that no one can take away.

These are the things that REALLY matter.


Mommy Stockley said...

❤️ Those trees are amazing in that photo!! You can do this xxx

Brighton Pensioner said...

Great photo. There's nothing quite like a sunset over fields and trees.

Sarah said...

Aren't they just Holly, I wish the photo really did it justice, just imagine it 10 times more amazing and that about covers it xx

I photograph that view over and over BP, I never quite capture it but I'll never tire of trying.

Val said...

Beautiful sunset, beautiful card!

Sarah said...

Ha, I was just commenting on YOUR blog when my email pinged with your comment Val. They are beautiful aren't they.

Sarn said...

WOW - you are certainly VERY TALENTED at counting your blessings Sarah. What a beautiful sunset photo. Simply wonderful.

Thanks for the link to the other blog . . . made me smile although I was totes offended at da language! NOT! * Smirks *

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sarah said...

Ha ha, I've been working on it Sarn :-) - that sunset, how I wish I'd captured it as it was. Honestly, the colours were SO vivid they didn't look real.

That's one funny lady isn't it? I love her blog SO much! xxx