Monday, 21 November 2011

F*CK - I Think I Killed The Cat!!!

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I thought the hamster was dead (and yet still put my daughter to bed in the same room).

Well, tonight as I was cooking tea (peppered steak, mashed potato, veg and gravy for those who might wish to know).

Anyway, there I was peeling the potatoes. The last of the bag thrust upon me kindly given to me by Woody.

Now these potatoes came straight out of the ground (yes KNOW they all do - I was brought up in the country doncha know :) and were still covered in mud.

So, before peeling them I gave them a bit of a scrub.

One of those suckers shot straight out of my hand (like a bar of soap through the air) and clocked the cat  (who, at the time, was busy eating a sock in the washing basket) on the head!

Bear (he of little brain) went down like ........... well,kind of  like a sack of spuds really .....

Seriously, I may not be a huge fan of that little fucker cute ball of black and white fluff (let's not forget he has crapped behind my telly twice, in my bath once, eaten a hole through a cake I'd just made and left half a frog and frog juice on my kitchen floor) but I wouldn't intentionally hurt him!

Actually, it's hard to tell if any real damage has been done.

Sure he is just sitting in the kitchen staring intently at the dogs water bowl.

But to be honest, he spends quite a lot of his time staring gormlessly at stuff anyway ....

Hmm, I shall go and poke him just to set your minds at rest .....

I was planning a bit of a ranty post - I don't think I've done one of those for a while but it kind of got over taken by the potato/cat story and I'm feeling slightly less ranty now.

I did have a bit of a ranty bender yesterday though.  I did something I've been wanting to do for a while but not had the courage to.

I defriended all those people on FB that are there because either they asked me to be their friend right at the beginning (even though I don't know them) and I was desperate not to look like a billy no mates.

I still don't know them, never comment on their posts or they on mine and so, they are GONE.

I also defriended a couple of people who I'm not really sure ARE my friends or have my best interests at heart.

Now I tend not to post anything very inflammatory on FB but even so, there are some people who don't need to know my business or who might want to share it with others when I'd really they rather didn't.

HOW paranoid do I sound??  (Well, if they stopped talking about me I might not be ;)

So, 11 people got the chop but I also added a new friend and somehow, I think my new friend is probably worth more than the eleven I culled.

I was wondering which blog to link to today and then I came across this post by Carmen at A Life Less Ordinary.

Read her quick before she blows herself up or something (no really, she MIGHT!)



The Rambling Pages said...

The poor Cat, might have kitty concusion! Can' say I am a big feline fan either, dogs all the way with me. I thought I had broken the dogs leg the other day and had images of picking the boys up from school telling them the dog we had only had 2 months had been put down due to a broken leg, but then remembered that is horses who get put down. Needless to say after a day of really milking it and hobbling he has made a great recovery. I am sure Cat will be fine, he is probably just sulking from being disturbed in his quest to digest a sock x

Sarah said...

Generally I AM a bit of a cat person RP (although I like dogs too :)

Bear is fine - he is, as I type, sitting on me pulling his toenails out (at least that's what it sounds like).

I had to take him to the vets a couple of days after we got him because Id shut him in the door and I thought Id broken his leg - he was fine then too.

Romina Garcia said...

Oh my god I pissed myself laughing at this post. Poor cat!! Lol!! Oh dear. I'm ok now.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... potato cat... I litterally had to cover my mouth to keep myself from laughing out loud and waking the whole house!! Is Bear ok or still fasinated by the dog bowl? All that comes to mind are his possible thoughts as he stares into the shallow abyss of water... "wooooo shiny....." Bear thought... LOL
Excellent writing, have a good night!

A.K. Knight said...

I do love a good cat story. And this one was good.

I can see the headline now: "Woman kills cat with potato."

--Feisty Cat

Fiona @nlpmum said...

*smiling* Who are those friends on FB anyway? I've got one who I've no clue who he is, or how he found me, but he actually posts some quite decent stuff.... some of the people I do know post drivel and need to be stopped.... I live in hope that one day they might post something I actually want to read! Vain hope I fear. F

Anonymous said...

Between the almost dead cat and fb, you sure have one hell of a funky life, i'd say.
Sorry for laughing, but this is damn funny. You actually made my day. LOL
Thanx a lot.

DWei said...

I feel bad for your cat too but I can't stop laughing of the mental imagery of a cat being knocked out by a potato.

Anonymous said...

Oh nooo.. poor cat.

And good for u for defriending! my post today is about facebook.

Nikki - A Mother in France said...

Poor cat, glad he/she doesn't seem to be permanently harmed. Well done you for culling some friends on FB. I'll have to check mine, I think I've been quite careful to only accept people who are actual friends/family, but you can never be too sure...

Anonymous said...

Poor little kitty! But have to say if it hadn't been just sitting there and staring intently at the dog bowl then his kitty instincts would have cut in and he would have felt the potato winging its way towards him long before it wold have hit!

Conclusion - it is kitty's fault he got concussed by the potato!!!

(lol, lmao and he he he)

Thankfully I have escaped the chop of 11...

Lou :-)

Carmen said...

oh my!!!! I guess it's a good thing I don't like cats all that much...

and thanks for the linky-poo :-)

Close to the Green said...

Love the cat story - poor little possum! I like the facebook stuff too - it's always good to do a clean out here and there!

Sarah said...

Thanks All - the cat is fine really.

Not much in his head to damage to be honest. ;)

Germ Freak Laura said...

You crack me up! :-)
Glad Bear's okay, more or less! I had a stray cat once that was terrified of feet. We're sure he got literally kicked about before he came to be in our home. Kicked in the head most likely (maybe a potato lobbed at him?!) - he was certainly retarded (no political correctness, sorry! haha)!

I also must applaud you on culling the FB "friends"! YAY! I do that sometimes too! I don't friend someone lest I know them or they're friends of friends that I've had a good time chatting with, then will friend them after that. If they can't be bothered
to interact with me for terribly long periods of time, or recently the offing of many FB "friends" who refused to take an interest in my new blog page - well.... OFF WITH THIER HEADS!!! haha

Anonymous said...

lol. I am famous for deleting people on FB..... a cull is like decluttering, and is very good for your mental health :P

Sarah said...

Haha Gemma - Bear has no such excuse, he's just a little thick ;)

Yep, you can't beat a good culling - there maybe be more to come (not YOU though Lou;)

It did my heart good LHW - it's not something I'd done before and I didn't have hundreds of friends to start with.

I have defriended the odd person in the past for good reasons but a mass cull 'just because' was a little daunting (although I very quickly got into the swing of things:)

Sarah said...

Bugger - sorry LAURA (not Gemma!!) lack of sleep has fried my brain :) x

Germ Freak Laura said...

Get some sleep then! :-) I like the name Gemma though - never heard it before until I met a lady a couple years ago who wrote for Digital Journal, which I also wrote for awhile back. I keep in touch with her by Facebook now. She came dangerously close to being "offed" recently, but then she came around & liked my blog page! LOLOLOL! ;-P

Hey, speaking of names - I was almost called Pamela by my mother. Then my aunt, dad's sister, stepped in & told him to name me Laura. So he went home & told mom, "we're naming her Laura."

Sarah said...

Haha - I did! ;)

My Mum's called Pamala - a name that for some reason she has always hated and Big D (my eldest) girlfriend is called Laura. Co-incidently his Dad married a Laura a few years after we split and in a REALLY bizarre twist of fate both Laura's had the same surname - how freaky is that!

Germ Freak Laura said...

Geez, that IS freaky weird, isn't it?!?!

Honestly, I don't much care for the name Pamela either. The couple Pams I knew, umm, well...*shudder*
So I'm glad my favorite aunt stepped in & told dad what to name me. He didn't tell mom it was Aunt Ruth who told him (otherwise she probably would have refused & I'd be stuck w/Pamela!). THANKS AUNTIE RUTH! :-)

Anna - Confessions of a psych said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh! We've just got a new puppy so I totally understand your frustrations with poo and holes everywhere! Love your honesty about it all.

Glad I found your blog. The fudge got my interest! Looking forward to reading more of you.

Sarah said...

Thanks Anna - there's a story behind the name as well as it being sooo true :)

Damn cat always provides plenty of blog fodder!