Saturday, 5 November 2011

Last Night

Last night was the culmination of the Carnival season in the South West.

Last night was Bridgwater Carnival - a spectacular of lights, tableau, dancing and music.

Last night we had heavy rain in the early part of the evening followed by fog.

Last night was bonfire night - the Rugby Club near the motorway held the biggest fireworks display in Somerset.

Last night I had planned on taking my children to Bridwater Carnival but the appalling weather combined with the heavy traffic it always attracts on the short hop between motorway junctions meant that we decided not to go this year.

Last night we talked about going to the Rugby Club display but again, the weather was the deciding factor.

That and the fact that we have been invited to a fireworks party on Sunday so the children won't be missing out.

Today has been a day spent watching the news - watching FB for updates - making and receiving phone calls and texts - checking in and being checked upon.

Last night there was the most appalling accident on the motorway right on the junction to my town.

At least 27 vehicles were involved.  There have been fatalities, at least 10 although final figures are yet to be confirmed.  A huge fireball enveloped  all three carriageways.

I don't know yet if anyone I or the children know was involved.  I do know that my family and (as far as I know)  friends are safe  As are we.

I also know that had I taken the children to the carnival it's likely that we would have been passing that spot at around that time on our way home.

At the moment we are just waiting and praying.  What else can we do?

All day there has been the sound of helicopters passing overhead.  Some will be emergency services, some the media.  The town is very quiet.  The motorway will be closed for many hours yet as they clear away the debris.

It seems so wrong to refer to it as debris.  These are people and their possessions.

Another reminder of how fragile life can be ...

I'm writing every day as part of NaBloPoMo - Normally this isn't the kind of post I would write.

I don't want to sensationalise this tragedy just to give myself blog material - how distasteful would that be?

But, to write about anything else today would seem frivolous and equally distasteful.


Kelloggsville said...

It was dreadful. I was uncomfortable about the crowds watching from the bridge but at the same time watching the tv and net for detail. A fine line between voyeurism and genuine care and interest. The same as using something 'for material' and blogging because it has affected you. Whether involved directly or not,these things affect us and it is fair to want to talk about it. I'm happy you are safe. Whilst out walking this afternoon I was thinking about the families whose lives will never be the same again.

Mark said...

This was the only blog post that you could and should have written today girl - glad you're all safe

Sarah Mac said...

Thank you K, we are although had we made a different decision last night then the outcome could have been so very different.

I felt the same as you about the watchers on the bridge. I don't understand the motivation for that. Maybe it was a way of trying to make sense of it.

In some ways I was no more involved than anyone else as we weren't directly involved in it. It just so happens that it happened a few minutes from our front door.

I decided not to link this post to NaBloPoMo, it didn't seem right.

I have spent the day thinking about the families that have been affected by this too. Thankful that it wasn't ours and fearful that over the next few days we may yet hear bad news.

Thank you Mark - that's how if felt to me too x

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others- if you are like me, you write to make sense of the world. Especially when you realize the connection between the accident and your decision not to go out. It was not your karma to be involved.

Sending virtual hugs. After all we experience shock and trauma every time we see or hear about accidents- especially ones close to home and those that could potentially involve our friends. Regardless your whole community will be affected by it .

Jayne said...

What a horrific tragedy. I'm glad you're safe.

E. said...

It's scary that a different decision last night may have had changed your whole world.

I'm glad you, your family and many of your friends are safe.

Sarah Mac said...

Thank you Lake House Writer - hugs virtual and real are relly welcome right now :)

Everything you say is true. Sometimes it's hard to be objective when you find yourself in a situation so far removed from the norm.

I tend to over analyse and yes, write to try and make sense of things.

Sometimes it helps straight away and at others it take a little longer.

Having feed back helps that process enormously.

Thank you Jayne, it's been a shocking 24 hours. The hours before knowing everyone I love was safe and seeing others in the same situation was something I'd hate to go through again.

I think that's what shook me so much E. A different decision, bad timing, bad luck and life could be so different today.

I do feel a little melodramatic which isn't really me. Maybe its a combination of things that have rocked my world a little lately making me feel a little more unsure of things in general.

I just want some stability and to feel safe. The events of last night showed me how vunerable things can be.

Feisty Cat said...

Ah, Sarah M. Of course that is what you needed to write about. It doesn't have anything to do with sensationalism. At all.


Sarah Mac said...

:) thank you FC