Sunday, 6 November 2011

'I Am Not The Alien, It's An Effing Android!'

Day 6  NaBloPoMo

No, your eyes do not deceive you. 

Apologies but this is a rewind - I wrote this post back in May  and it does contain some strong language (totally justified I think!)  so I hope it doesn't offend.

I know this is cheating a little but this bit's all original, honest!

I've just had a bit of a crap day and it's now oooh, 4:28am yippee!

I have no inspiration and all I'm writing is drivel that you really don't want to read (take my word for it, you really don't.  I was banging on about how I suspect my life might be some kind of sick re-run of the Trueman show!!)

This post still makes me chuckle and brings back fond memories (both of which I am in dire need of right now!) so I thought you might like me to share it.

Tomorrow the promised 'living with insomnia' (well at least it doesn't leave the bloody toilet seat up!)

I had the following text conversation with a friend the first day I started using my brand new  (had it for Christmas really, too scared to use it) Android phone:

M: How's your evening going - are you having fun with your new phone :)

Me: Not er

Me: Fuck

M: Lots of swearing today Mrs Mac!!!

Me: ,

M: And random commas?

Me: Lol, bastard phl

Me: Lp

Me: Fuck it

M: It's amazing - every swear word is spelt perfectly!!

Me: Whag

Me: ,

Me: B

Me: N

Me: N

Me: N

M:  What? - It's like talking to a demented alien!

Me: Haha, I give up! C

M: Don't give up - are you trying to type on a phone type keypad?

Me: No

M: On a proper qwerty keypad?

Me: Yes fuckin thing

M: You must have very fat fingers to type that badly - turn the phone sideways

Me: ok tg

Me: Fuck off my finbers arent fat

Me: Finbers

Me: Arse, fongerz

nb. a couple of months later M was rechristened SA (Smart Arse)  I think it rather suits him ;)


Lene said...

Haha! Hilarious! I missed the orginal and had a really good chuckle over this one!

Lene said...

Dammit *original* I can't even type on my PC let alone on a phone!

Fiona @nlpmum said...

Hilarious - I'll never be one of those speedy, not looking at the phone, texters.... have avoided getting an android so far for fear of it taking over my life... like pinterest