Thursday, 8 December 2011

I Get Knocked Down ....


Well, It's been a 'fun' week or so.

I've burned both my hands (in separate instances).

Electrocuted myself AND

Spent the last couple of days hanging over the toilet bowl (thank you for sharing Master Mac ;).

BUT, I have learnt several important lessons which I feel I should share on the off chance that you might be  as equally stupid as me (unlikely I know :)

Gas hobs have real flames (that's FIRE).  Do not put your hand in it.


Ditto the plate of an iron when it switched on - always pick up by the handle on the top!

Halogen spotlights can explode (I mean REALLY bloody explode!).  Do not assume that simply turning the light off  is sufficient while trying to remove the bit left in the light socket.

Oh, and those bits left behind are really sharp too.

Chances are the force of god knows how many watts (or is it volts?) shooting through your hand and down your arm will cause you to cut your poor bloody burned hand on them as you are thrown half way across the room.

All of the above however can lead to a little blogging hiatus while you reflect upon your stupidity.

Also on the plus side (although maybe not in my case) it does give you plenty of time for introspection.

So F*CK you life - I may be stupid in SO many ways but you're going to have to try harder 'cause you haven't quite managed to kill me yet!


Being Me said...

Bloody hell! Take it easy til you get your lives replenished, that's 3 I think you just lost there ;-)

Carmen said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! BOTH HANDS?!?! you poor thing. Now wrap yourself in bubble wrap for the remainder of the week.

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

Sarah! What is going on!!! What a damn outrage for you! Bloody hell!

joeh said...

You do know that to re-boot your computer you don't put boot on it?

Cranky Old Man

Anonymous said...

ouch !

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like a fun time Sarah....Seems the matrix is throwing a lot of curve balls at the moment - best to try and dodge as many as possible methinks....

Lou :-)

E. said...

Ouch. Things have to improve from there. Very glad that you are okay.

But I am very happy that you get up again. And I hnow have tub thumping by chumbawamba running through my head.

Ida said...

Holy Smokes.
you need to kick LIFE in the butt big time from the sounds of it.
Hope the pain is subsiding a bit for you

Anna @ Confessions of a Psychologist said...

Thats the attitude!! We all fall at some point but we don't all get up again. I've been electrocuted a few times. Once quite badly as my hand was holding onto the live wire and with the electricity it was clenching my hand shut on it so it was a few seconds before I got it out. I thought I was dying!
Here's to wishing you have a safer week next week!

Anonymous said...


Romina Garcia said...

Oh fuck me!! What a week. Well, you seem to have triumphed over the trials so props to you. xx

Mrs Catch said...

Oh my goodness. You really do need the brandy! Hope the universe is kinder to you in days to come. Take care!

Mrs Catch

Anonymous said...

Great googally moogally lady!! Take it easy :-)

We all have days like that for sure. Keeps life interesting, makes you stronger ;-) and for interesting blogging as well LOL



Sarah said...

Thanks all (well, except Berlina haha ;)

Yes, Joe, I did know that (it's what my studded marigolds are for;)

Ouch Anna - sounds like I got off quite lightly in comparison!