Thursday, 1 December 2011

Slice of Life - (a little blogette)

I have a post in my head that I want to write but I'm very tired tonight and I still have to go out and get some milk or there won't be enough for breakfast so I'll save it for tomorrow sometime.

I did want to share something with you though:

You may have noticed in my side bar a new button 'Slice of Life Blogger'.

It's what I am, but I didn't even realise it before reading Sif's post At the bottom of the Garden.

I knew my blog didn't fit into a niche and that's fine with me.

Despite following and enjoying several 'niche' blogs I'm not really a niche person myself.

I don't have anything specific I want to write about.

I don't have anything that I feel so passionate about that I could consistently blog about it.

I'm not a Mummy blogger although I'm a Mum who blogs.

I don't really want to be labelled in anyway.

Like I always say, you get whatever's in my head on any given day.

Sometimes it's fluff, sometimes it's from the darker side.

BUT, I quite like the idea of being a slice of life blogger so thank you Sif, I'll wear that badge with pride :)

Anyone that wants to follow suit feel free to grab the button and stick in on your own blog and pop over and visit Sif who talks about this far more eloquently than I ever could.


Miss Cinders said...

I'm hearin' ya!!!

Ida said...

I think being a slice doesnt mean you have to be a certain slice,and I love reading what your slicing up on any giving day .
Keep slicing :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Miss C ;)

Thank you Ida - I don't think all the slices even have to come from the same cake (although mine would probably be mostly fruit and nut ;)

Emma said...

Love this Slice of Life idea- I think I might Stick that badge on myself too!

Sandra said...

Hey, I like the "slice of life" idea too...I don't fit into any other niche myself...just whatever's going on in my life is what you get (or not, depending on how I'm feeling LOL)

Anonymous said...


I think a slice of life is just about right...That is what you blog about - a little of this a little of that, each time revealing a little bit more of what Sarah Mac is about...I think that it is what most of us do...I would certainly prefer to be labelled a Slice of life blogger than a Mummy Blogger....not that there is anything wrong with Mummy Bloggers of course - I just feel, no doubt similarly to you, that the kids are a little older now and our role of Mummy is somewhat different to that of a Mum of a 2 yr old for example..we become more friend than parent, the older they get - until something goes wrong of course!!!!!

Anyway - Slice of Life blogger is a cool tag to get I think!

Sorry to not have been around for a few days - no power, no internet sadly thanks to the Santa Ana winds wiping the town out....lol

Lou :-)

Steve Bailey said...

I prefer a scoop of life.... though that means something entirely different on a dog related blog!

B said...

Yep, agree. You are a 'Slice of Life' kind of gal. Great idea.

Don't ever change.

Romina Garcia said...

Wow, this post is pretty much EXACTLY what I was writing about in my last post (promise I ddn't copy). I may just have to get myself one of those slice of life badges!!

Romina Garcia said...

Ps - I think you absolutely rock and wouldn't want you to be anything other than what you are. That's why I enjoy coming here so much. You are a breath of fresh air. Love your work lady. xx

Sarah said...

I think a slice of life just about covers us all - I love the tag!

Speak very soon Lou (loving your tree btw:)

I won't B. Sometime I wish I could but I am what I am :)

Aww, thanks Romina - I love you just the way you are too xx

T. said...

My blog doesn't fit into any niches either. So your not alone. The slice of life button is a great idea. ;)