Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Frock Off Fudge

Ok, so I decided that even though I seem to be unable to write a complete post at the moment I can still take really bad photos for you :)

So I've put on my big girl pants (in these dresses ...  are you KIDDING? ;) and got right back on that horse.

Thank you for the cups of tea, the hugs and the kind comments, I'm even pretty grateful for the kick up the backside (although I'm still a little bruised ;).  All of it was needed I think.

Catherine at Inside Out inspires me in so many ways but particularly with her posts about fashion.

She reminded me the other day that not only is Spring (did you here me crappy UK weather??) but that dresses are the way to go in Spring.

So this morning I tried on a few in preparation with a little help from Tilly the cat, a dusty mirror and appalling lighting due to the (temporary!!) peach coloured blinds in my bedroom (I truly hate peach ...  and , oh yes, those wardrobes WILL be painted! ;).

Maybe in a couple of days I'll actually try a little harder and post some decent pics.

But for now:

I love this dress with the little kick pleats, it makes me feel like a proper grown up ;)

terrible picture (and terrible posture!!)
this dress I could wear anywhere from work, to a wedding or lunch with friends.

this one just shouts

another bad photo but this dress brings to mind one word, SASSY!
(it even appeared in a post once although it didn't make it to the date)

Oh, and did I mention, ALL of the dresses except the last one were bought second  hand and cost under a tenner!   The last one came from the BHS kids range once I discovered the aged 15/16 is a size 10 ;))


Kelloggsville said...

I like the first one bestest

Sarah said...

Me too K - it's a little bit flirty without being in your face :) x

Jayne said...

Love the first one.

I've taken to wearing dresses a lot more lately. I really like anything with the Peter Pan collar that's made a bit of a comeback lately.

Sarah said...

This was a very rushed post - more to say, 'I'm still here' and the photos are truly terrible - the angle in the last one making me look a VERY strange shape ;).

I will do a proper post at some point, I love clothes and would like to do them justice.

I can't belive that up until the last couple of years I thought I couldn't wear anything on or just above the knee, it was either short or long with me but now it's a look I really like.

Funny how things change.

I've been working at the new blog, getting it set up and I think I may write a little from there for a while.

It may seem pointless as it's still me writing but until I get my head together a bit more it seems like the right thing to do.

I'll post the link here when it's up and running. x

Salamander said...

My darling girl, you look fabulous in anything and everything. I'd kill for your figure!!!

I must thank you and apologise - thank you, thank you, ever so, for your kindred spirit award - I feel the same way about you!!!! And appreciate your loveliness so much. I shall do the right thing and pass it on asap.

I am so sorry for my absence - the sh*t has hit the fan here with our builders and I have been up to my eyeballs in work. You know how it is. Haven't blogged in weeks, because it would just be depressing (and it would mean blogging in place of sleeping!)

Loads of love xxxxxxxx

Catherine said...

Thanks for the mention, Sarah! The first dress is my favorite- I love the pleats. Now it just needs to get warm enough to wear them (we had snow yesterday).

Take care of yourself.

Sarah said...

Thank you Sal :)

Good to see you and don't worry, as and when you get a moment - I know what it can be like! xxxxx

Sarah said...

You too Catherine - I really wish I'd taken a little more time with this - I haven't done any of them justice. I may try again at some point.

I love the first dress, it's so easy to wear and so feminine.

We had the most beautiful day here today and are set for a great weekend - hopefully your weather will pick up soo too! xx

Claire said...

I love that first dress, it's cute, pretty and a little flirty all at the same time! Glad to see you're still around these parts! X