Tuesday, 6 March 2012

More Questions I Ask Myself ....

Is someone who tries to teach you the Merengue to the Stranglers Bearcage whilst watching Hellboy a keeper or possibly just slightly mad ? (Surfer Dude)

Do other people have conversations ranging from 'the evolution of hedgehogs - how would life be different had they decided to develop springs rather than spike's -  to, 'who would you share your poncho with come the apocalypse'. (Big D).

Have you ever found an errant piece of marmalade lurking at the bottom of your coffee cup and did you consider (just for a moment) eating it? (that would be me).

More 'More Questions I Ask Myself' .....

Well .....  when I've asked them I guess  ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well Surfer Dude is obviously mad as a box of frogs ans therefore a definite keeper..

Not too sure about the evolution of hedgehogs, springs or spikes and sharing ponchoes - makes me ponder at the level of imagination if that was a best effort... (apologies Big D)

As for the marmalade - I may be tempted to eat it - so long as I was sure it was marmalade and not some big jellified bogey....

S and I sat in the garden last night pondering the merits of rats and mice falling out of trees - having had this happen to us last July, and having seen a rat last night in one of next doors small trees by our fence....Conversation culminated in my decision to go to the hardware store and purchase large quantities of rat poison, followed by a trip down to Sears to look at new garden furniture.....lol

Lou :-)