Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Something You Wore

I've been watching a couple of bloggers who have been following the March Photo A Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim but I haven't been joining in.

Today I thought I would post a pic, on my own, just for fun so it isn't linked to the challenge and I may or may not occasionally over the month post other photos (which hopefully won't offend).*

I probably won't do the one a day challenge.

Today I am the epitome of chic and I am wearing this:

My Harley Davidson top

Do you know how many people would KILL me for this top (it's the real deal) ???

No, I'm not sure either ;)

I bought it, hmmm, god, a couple of years ago I think but only recently rediscovered it and I love it!

It was obviously designed for a) someone MUCH bigger than me (I have to roll the sleeves up about 3 times) and b) a man.

But, well, dilligaf?

I like over sized clothes when I'm just slobbing about at home and this is so damned comfortable.

I could almost wear it as a dress but I've teamed it with black leggings for that perfect lounge wear look ;)

Oh, and as a bonus - these things cost a HUGE amount if you buy them through the proper channels but I picked this one up in a charity shop BRAND NEW for a couple of quid.

*obviously I mean the participating but not properly rather than the photo which may or may not offend ;)


Kelloggsville said...

Spent ages trying to work out why the photo might be offensive before reading to the end. I fear I've been staring at your boob for some time!

Sarah Mac said...

Ah, that's ok -I've had my boobs stared at with far less of an excuse in the past ;)

Claire said...

It's amazing what people will pay for a brand name. I too wondered what was offensive until I got to the end lol!