Friday, 31 March 2017


If I've flooded your feed with posts today.

After yesterday's post I decided to go back and release some of the posts I had put into draft, nearly 500 would you believe!

I'm not even sure WHY they were in draft after having been published but there you are.

I'm not sure if releasing them has made them appear in your news feed so I stopped after only a couple of hundred ...

Let me know.  If they have appeared in your feed then I'll just release them in much smaller batches in future otherwise I'll do the whole lot in one go.

Thank you.

Have a great weekend!


SARN said...

They have not appeared in my blog reader feed. Only your most recent ones as per normal.

If you HAD previously published them and reverted them to draft, there's a chance that your subsequent press of the PUBLISH button has done just that but at their original publishing date?

Hope this helps! xxx

Sarah said...

Thanks Sarn, I think it probably does work in the way that you said but I wasn't sure as occasionally I will get a whole load of old posts from someone appearing in my read list. I don't know why that happens and I did wonder if they had done the same as me. xx

Val said...

I don't know if that happened, because I have you on my blogroll instead of in the feed. I have, however, received a lot in the feed from other people who update a bunch at one time.

Sarah said...

Thank you Val, I don't think it's happened with me. At some point I'll try to organise things a bit more so if people want to look for stuff it's easier.

Polly said...

Sorry for the lateness - again. I didn't receive any. I meant to comment on your oven cleaning post but I can’t remember why I didn’t especially as the comment from Miss Mac made me laugh, says it all really doesn't it? my oven it just the same.I used vinegar and bicarb on it ages ago, the most activity was the reaction when combining them, it didn’t clean at all, I ended up using brillo pads, they did a great job. I’m still finding deposits of the dried bicarb and vinegar, and it needs doing again now dammit, why can't things stay clean......... :-)