Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why Do I Do It?

Ok, so I'll admit, that title was designed to draw you in thinking that I was going to regale you would more of my madness.

But it isn't about that at all.

Yesterday I went to a funeral.  I didn't know Arthur all that well and I was really there as SD's representative as he was unable to get the time off work.

It struck me during the service that there were many gaps in the knowledge of Arthur's life which was a shame as he had clearly led a very full and interesting one.

Very little was know about his early childhood in Canada where he was adopted at birth.  It was believed that his natural father was a native American.

Not a great deal was known about his life when he first moved to the UK with his family.

Most of the memories were from his adult life and then there were still parts that were shrouded in mystery.

Things that are not written down or told get lost.

I often talk to SD's Mum and she tells me stories that SD has never heard.

Stories about how unimpressed he was aged 2 1/2 to be presented with a baby who couldn't 'DO ANYTHING' and how he decided they shouldn't keep his little brother because there was no point.

So many other stories that I must start to write down before they too are lost in time.

So this is about WHY I blog.

The reasons have changed over the years (and it's been more than 6 now).

It started out as a way of just getting things out of my head.  There was quite a lot of fiction at the beginning along with stories about 'those things' that happen to me.

These days there is more to it than that.  It's still mostly about 'those things' mixed in with all kinds of other random stuff but I'm also conscious that its a part of me, of my life that I'm leaving behind so the stories don't get lost.

I'm planning on sticking around for many years but I find some comfort in the fact that when I am no longer here my stories will remain and I hope that they will bring a smile to those who didn't know me and comfort to those who did.

It's part of  my legacy I guess ...

Hmmm, death has a way of making you think doesn't it?  I'm just rambling really.  I could have put this so much better.  Maybe one day I will ...


joeh said...

Funerals have the same effect on me.

Glennis said...

Well said!

Val said...

Yes, I've been thinking about death all day. The sister of our neighbor was killed in a head-on car crash two days ago, on a road I regularly travel. She was 2 years younger than me.

I'm leaving a lot of stories on my blogs as well. I've had one of them since 2005, and sometimes get caught up in reading about things I wrote when my boys were younger.

Sarah said...

They make you think don't they Joe ...

Thanks Glennis :-)

That's terrible Val, such an awful thing to happen. Things really can change in the blink of an eye can't they.

I sometimes go back and re-read my posts too. Many of them are in draft, maybe I'll release them because, well, you never know do you ...

SARN said...

Death and funerals really sober us up don't they. They have a habit of giving you perspective.

ENJOY EVERY DAY and do MORE of what makes you HAPPY! Can you tell I've read a few "positivity" books?

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sarah said...

Lol, I CAN Sarn and although I often dismiss quotes there is no doubt that they talk a lot of sense sometimes :-) - I'm enjoying every day this weekend with a planned trip to the pub tonight to see a band and then a day at the beach on Sunday now that really is doing more of what makes me happy xx