Thursday, 16 March 2017

If ...

I expect half of you saw the title and expected me to start waxing lyrical about Rudyard Kipling.

The other half will have just assumed I got half way through typing it and got distracted by shiny stuff.

Well, no to both of those.

This is the Birthday post!

Yes, yesterday was my Birthday.  Another year older, another year wiser ...

A lot of people asked me if I'd had a good Birthday and it got me thinking.

If I measured my Birthday by how many cards I got then yes, it was a good Birthday.  The mantle above the fireplace is full of cards mostly from the usual suspects and a few unexpected ones which was really lovely.

If I calculated how good the day had been by the number of people on Facebook who wished me happy Birthday then also yes, over 50% of my Facebook friends took the time to leave me a message and I'd say that's a pretty good average.

If I look at the presents I received then again, yes.  I had so many lovely and thoughtful presents, I feel very spoilt.

If I count the number of Birthday cakes I was given.  Well, I had 4 -  I know, FOUR!!!  That's 3 more than anyone could hope for and actually far more than I can eat so I think I will be offering cake to my friends for the next few days.

If I judge how good the day was by the weather then I really was blessed with a beautiful day of Spring sunshine and I sat in the sun for a while drinking tea and soaking up the warmth as all around me the garden showed signs of bursting into life.

If it's all about the food then It was definitely a winner.  Miss Mac took me out to a local Italian family run restaurant and we had the most fabulous meal.

If I consider the alternative to turning another year older then I know that I am very lucky to still have my health with no real worries.  I am fit, I am healthy and there is nothing I cannot do.

But it's not any one of those things in isolation is it?

It's all of those things wrapped up in a big ball that makes me so lucky and means that yes, I really DID have a good Birthday because of those people who care about and love me enough to make those things happen.

I am truly blessed :-)


joeh said...

My kids don't even send me a card, but then I don't send cards either. Birthdays are not a big deal in my family, I always think the mom should get all the attention for the birthday.

Like "It's my birthday, just wanted to say thanks ma."

Di said...

If - only I knew your address I'd have also sent you a Birthday card Sarah. Belated Birthday wishes - sounds like you had a spiffing day too!


Di xx

Val said...

I'm glad you raked in the cakes! I don't think I've ever had a cake since I was a kid. Except maybe at work, from my best ol' ex-teaching buddy Mabel. My boys send me cards, which are usually mailed the day after my birthday, after prompting from their dad, who also gives me a card. This year, Genius kept asking if I'd received my card yet. "I'm worried it may not get there. I had to tape the envelope closed." When it got here, I saw the real reason he was worried. It was addressed to "Mom." No name. Just "Mom." And the address.

Hick was headed out to College Town to help Genius move into a new apartment a couple weeks ago. Rather than mail his weekly letter, I sent the envelope with Hick. The address was "Genius," the return address was "Mom," and the area where the stamp would have gone was a square that I drew with "Dad" written in the middle of it.

No comment on my envelope from Genius.

K Ville said...

I mostly just read "cake" and "4 cakes" - nice one.

Oh yes....Hippo Bird-day Two Ewe(s)

SARN said...

OOH . . . BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to you Sarah. Sounds like you had a good one. Always good to count ones blessings.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Brighton Pensioner said...

Many happy returns of the Big Day!

Sarah said...

Thanks all, how rubbish am I not replying to your comments before??? (nice to see you K :-) ) xx