Friday, 17 June 2011


Last night, as I always do, I cooked a meal for the Mac clan.

It had all the elements that make a good meal. It was nutritious, healthy and tasted pretty damn good!  But all the time we were eating I felt that something was missing.

Some other dimension, something that gave it balance and made it complete. Something that gave it that little bit extra but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was.

Cleaning up after the meal I discovered the jug of gravy I'd forgotten to serve. The missing element!

Gravy, it's an optional extra that yes, you could do without and still enjoy the meal but with it, well, with it the whole thing would have made so much more sense.
Sometimes Life is missing the gravy


I'm So Fancy said...

And if you'd remembered the gravy, that would have been, well, gravy...don't beat yourself up, it happens! Worse would be forgetting the potatoes...

Sarah Mac said...

You're right Fancy and I guess it was more of an insight into how I was feeling about life in general rather than about half a pint of forgotten gravy.

Nobody except me even noticed.

Damn this English Summer. Who wants gray in June anyway.

Sarah Mac said...

Or even gravy! (although grey is a pretty good description of the sky today).

Being Me said...

I love gravy. That would have near devastated me (and I would have been the one who had forgotten... a double whammy!).

Sarah Mac said...

It is a bit gutting when you realise, drinking it out of the jug after just isn't the same :)

Sandra said...

...I've done the same thing! It's when my youngest asks for tomato sauce that I usually remember the jug of gravy somewhere under the mess left over from preparation.