Monday, 6 June 2011

Lordy Lordy

I got an Awardy!!!

Hmm, I promise NEVER to inflict bad poetry on you again!

I was completely overwhelmed to be given the Liebster award by Fancy.  Me? An award?? From Fancy???

The last thing I won was the most Malteasers transferred from one bowl to another with a straw on the distressed gentlefolks stall at the children’s school fete. The prize was a golden straw, well, technically it was a bit of copper piping but it was a proud moment.

Now this award is for favourite blogs with less than 100 followers so here are my three choices:

She lives in a chocolate box town on the edge of Rutminster with two teenagers and a small force of nature. Hiding from the wicked witch of mortgages and mobile phones. She finds John Suttleworth and Martin Clunes strangely attractive which puts her firmly in the kindred spirit category.

Erin was diagnosed with breast cancer not once but twice, two unrelated tumours which have led to surgery and chemotherapy.  But this isn’t what defines Erin.  Yes the blog tells her continued story but it’s also the story of those close to her. It’s told with warmth and wit and love. She’s told me stories that by right should have had me in tears but in truth had me laughing out loud. Wow, what a lady!

Gemma is a married mum of three, she loves being involved and being busy.  She kind of reminds me of me although she’s slightly more together and owns more Tupperware. She’s worked at MacDonalds, been fired from Target and used to drive a shitty car called Barry,

Yep, three of my favourites without a doubt.


I'm So Fancy said...

Thank you for some new people to visit! And thank you for giving me giggles. xFF

Sarah Mac said...

Likewise FF x

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

Oh thanks Sarah! That is so kind of you! I am very excited about you extending this award to little nutty me! Oh my Barry car, you know my Dad thought he was so bad that he sold Barry at our family garage sale for $300!

Thanks for introducing me and I will certainly check out Pam, Erin and of course "I'm So Fancy"!

Erin Xx said...

Ahhhhh, bless you! I love, love, love having an award!!! I also love finding these new blogs- so thanks for that too! You have great taste!
Here's my thank you post- http://lostonebeastbreast.blogspot.com/2011/06/number-twenty-seven-award.html
Lots of love Erin Xx

shelbylately.com said...

Hiii! Congrats on your award! I'm you're newest follower from the bloghop. Please swing by my blog if you have a chance, I'd love a follow back. And if you have a Twitter, I would love to be friends on there as well. xoxo! www.shelbylately.com & @shelbylatelycom

Nel said...

A Fancy award, well done!

Sarah Mac said...

Gemma and Erin, I love BOTH your blogs and it's always a good day when I see theirs been a posting from either of you.

Shelby, thank you for the add, I will be swinging by your blog very soon.

Thanks Nel, I can't tell you how please I was, it's soooo lovely when someone likes what you write especially when it's someone you love to read.