Monday, 29 August 2011

August Bank Holiday

And the Mac's had been invited to lunch so I offered to make the pudding:

Blackberries picked this morning, perfect with Bramley apples.

It's just got to be crumble!

Good enough to eat as it is.

But even better like this

Cooked and ready to go

Master Mac likes it best BEFORE it's cooked

A walk before dinner

Typical happy teenager :)

Big D knew a shortcut - through someones garden!!!

Over someones fence!!!

Making our escape down their drive :))

In time for the crumble

Which was bloody delicious!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm - love homemade crumble. x

Sarah Mac said...

Me too Lou although I should have added that it had followed the most enormous roast (which I didn't cook:) and I could barely move for hours after! x

Sarah Mac said...
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