Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I haven't taken part in Kate's  listography for far too long but how could I resists Guilty Pleasures ...........

1. Martin Clunes

I know, wrong, wrong, wrong on sooo many levels.  He is frankly odd looking with big ears but there's something about him that just makes me want to climb into his lap and curl up!

2. Full fat milk

Nothing quite like it in coffee.  Who cares about the extra calories ............ not me!

3. Pole Dancing

Ok, technically it isn't. It's just me dancing. But, apparently, is has a certain pole-esquesness element when I do it and I loooove to dance!

4. Draft Text Messages

All those things I'd like to say but fortunately don't.  Why shouldn't I still have the pleasure of writing the text though (nb NOT a good idea to do whilst actually drunk as sending it becomes a high possibility!)

5. Perfume

 Going into Boots and liberally spraying myself with my favorite perfume because it's free and just because I can.


Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

OK. big ears is freaking me out. I love poles and we should dance together and get our flashdance on and I love your work with the draft text message, ohhhhh must feel so good! Can I copy??

Sarah Mac said...

It freaks me out a little too Gemma, I just can't help myself :)

Haha, YES let's go pole dancing!

Draft emails can feel pretty good too, pinch away xx

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Great list Sarah! Come to think of it, always did feel a little something for Martin Clunes in "Men Behaving Badly". See, I always go for the bad ones. LOL And the perfume thing, me too! If it's there to be tested, why not? LOL

Anne xx

Sarah Mac said...

Now I'm wondering Anne, does that make the Martin Clunes thing ok or does it just mean that I'm not the only one who's a little odd?? :) xx

I'm So Fancy said...

oh those little texts always have a way of going right out of my phone and into the universe. Scary.

Anonymous said...

The Martin Clues thing is more than a little scary in my opinion - give me Simon Baker or Rufus Sewell anyday....The rest I think are pretty acceptable...I would never be able to write draft texts and not send them though, especially not with the new phone, and that would not be good!.

Lou :-) x

Sarah Mac said...

The odd one does go shooting off into cyberspace FF with me desperately trying to stop it ending up with it being sent twice!!

Sarah Mac said...

Ive never gone for the more tradition looks Lou. I can appreciate them but they just dont do it for me.
I dont know what it is but if someones got it I dont see anything else.
I love those text messages, they give me a lot of secret, silly pleasure :) x

The syders said...

Wow, Martin Clunes, Really? Lol, Great list, made me chuckle x

Sarah Mac said...

Haha, Kate has a lot to answer for making me spill the Martin Clunes thing. Will I ever live it down ..... :) x

Sif said...

I really like the tension in this piece and the compulsive obsession against her better judgement - have been there, can relate. I wonder what happens at 10?