Friday, 19 August 2011


I'm taking a cyber break.  Not forever, maybe not for long but for now.

I might make the exception and pop back for WoW but  if not I'll be back soon.

I think I need a little time to ................  :) you know, I'm not sure WHAT I need it for, I just feel I do.

I don't feel I have a great deal to write about just now and writing for the sake of it isn't really doing anyone any favours.

I need a break from Facebook.  I'm finding it a little irritating at the moment.  That's no reflection on my Facebook friends and most of them can find me by other means anyway should they want to.

I'm going to take this time to do things for me. I'm sure I'll be telling you all about it pretty soon.

Having said all that.  If I'm back in a couple of days, feel free to call me a Drama Queen, I'm damn sure I will :)

Sarah x


Salamander said...

Enjoy your break, Sarah. We'll be ready and waiting for you when you return...whenever that is!! xxx

The Rambling Pages said...

Will miss you but I do know what you mean, I keep having breaks and coming back. Enjoy your break and look forward to your return x

Anne said...

Oh Sarah! You'll be missed. I had a break from FB for about 2 years and I didn't miss it a bit. Not even sure why I signed up again. Hope to see you Wednesdays, you Rock Chick you!

Anne xx

Sarah Mac said...

Thank you. I'm pretty sure the blog blip is very temporary. It's facebook I need the real break from right now.

I should have added that although I may not be writing for a little while I will still be reading so no doubt you will be seeing my comments popping up on your own blogs :) x

Anonymous said...

The break is always good. And you know we'll be here when you return x

I'm So Fancy said...

I'm expecting great things when you return!

Dave said...

Ditto all the above, may the toxins leach out of you like... well you know, toxins being leached out of something.

I so hear you regards 'a change of mood' and perceived direction while writing the blogs. I've noticed that mine are up and down quite regularly. I perhaps write when I'm tired and that really is evident with speeling and my grandma. I too have written stuff that I haven't published, unlike yourself, more than once. Some might say most I have shouldn't have been but I was happy enough with that.

Hope your break helps to bring things into greater focus for you, enjoy and renew!

See you on the flip side. :) x