Thursday, 13 September 2012

I Really Want A Linen Press

Ok, at this point I should really confess that I'm not entirely sure WHAT a linen press is but that doesn't stop me wanting one!

Of course, along with the linen press I'd like a French farm house complete with red bricked, walled vegetable garden and a donkey in the orchard ...

Failing that, I'd quite like an airing cupboard.  I never really appreciated how lovely it was to have a cupboard full of warm, sweet smelling towels and sheets until I got my combi boiler.  I might have hot water on tap these days  but is it really such a great substitute for a tank full of hot water that you can warm your PJ's on in the winter?

I woke up to brilliant blue skies and warm September sunshine this morning and decided that as my washing machine is still f*cked I would hand wash some bedding ....

I have some really stupid ideas!  Do you have any idea how hard it is to wring out sheets and duvet covers by hand?  I hope not and let me tell you, you really don't want to know.  The bloody things will probably take 3 days to dry and that's if it doesn't sodding rain!

It's not like I even HAD to do them by hand.  SD offered to take a load over to the farm this evening and run them through for me but it SEEMED like a good idea at the time.

They do smell nice though and it might save me watering the flowerbed under the washing line.  Hopefully the plants wont object to Ariel flavoured water.

Would it surprise you if I said I'm not really sure where this post is going ...

'No really!' I hear you gasp ....  (Or maybe not ;)

It was going to be about how wanting things (even when you're not really sure what they are) can actually blind you to the things that you do have.

It could have been a 'grateful' post and I could have told you that while I may not have a washing machine right now I'm grateful that I'm able to wash by hand and that I have a garden I can dry it in but hang on ....

I've never really been good at the grateful posts.  Id rather lie on the floor drumming my heels at the fact that not only did my washing machine blow up but the wheels fell off my bloody Vax the other day!  It doesn't actually fix anything but it does make me feel a bit better!

I am not ungrateful for any of the things I have but right now I'm a little restless.  I want something more.  I'm not talking material things, yep, that WOULD be nice but I'm not that bothered.  I guess what I am talking about is personal fulfilment (ok, I confess yet again to not being entirely sure what that means either ;).

For one reason or another I've been drifting for too long.  I've had the beginings of plans that I haven't seen through and Im frustrated with myself.

I've been reading some of the many RUOK posts.  I've considered writing my own as I did last year but I haven't, and I probably wont because the timing doesn't seem right for me.

Maybe I have everything here that I need right now and I'm just not seeing it.  Maybe I'm investing too much time thinking about the things I think I want to see that what I have is actually worth so much more.

Ok, emo post alert!!!

Now that's REALLY not how this post was designed to turn out, who knew that hand washing a couple of sheets could have that affect on a person?

From now on I'll stick to shocking my neighbours by hanging my (probably far too frivolous) smalls on the line :-)


AGuidingLife said...

Sigh, I wish I owned frivolous smalls, swap you for my washing machine. Euuuurgh, just realised how creepy that sounds. Sorry.

Sarah said...

Almost as creepy as me seriously considering the suggestion K ;).

Everyone should own some frivolous smalls, the smaller and more frivolous the better, go get some girl!