Saturday, 15 September 2012

Say What???

Ok, so I just logged onto Facebook and thought I'd share this gem with you. 

Now I have a few people on my friends list (and it's not a big list through choice but I've been through all that before once or twice... ;).

What I do have is a few people left over from the early days, mostly relatives of Ex Lax.  They mostly seem harmless enough and to be honest, I'm not sure some of them even know him personally, it's a pretty big and convoluted family.

Anyway, like you do when you first join FB (or like I did anyway), I accepted any friends requests that came my way, mostly because it seemed rude not to.  I'm a lot less polite these days and I've trimmed down my friends list to people I either actively want to know about or people that don't particularly offend me.

This has left me with one or two of Ex Laxs relatives.  A couple I've grown to like (pretty sure none of them are related to him by blood ;), a couple who I keep for entertainment value (it's a little like having my own private series of Eastenders on tap) and one or two I forget are there they post so irregularly.

Every now and then one of them posts something that has me in stitches.  Who could EVER forget this classic from ...  Well, lets just call her C:

 " i can not belive the swear words a couple of little kids were comin out with up the playschool right in front of their mum and she dint say shit about it wtf just goes to show who they learnt it from, so glad my lilman is such a gd boy x"

I don't think C does irony but she certainly makes me laugh!

Today I'm confused.  I just logged on to find THIS update from K:

" 'K' is fucking fumming"

I am genuinely at a loss to know if she did in fact mean fuming (and if so, why?) or if this is some strange sexual practise I'm unfamiliar with. 

After my experience when I googled 'Hogtied' - yes, yes, I know NOW ok but for those of you who missed that post (and for those who are interested in stats, it's interestingly the post I get the most hits on ;), I had confused it briefly with 'hamstrung', a perfectly easy mistake to make ... isn't it ... yes, of course it is!

I don't want to google it in case my computer crashes and I have to take it in for repair.

Anyway, so far there has been no follow up so I'm still in the dark about this one. 

Anybody either know the answer or want to google it for me .....


Emma T said...

LOL. Facebook statuses can be v amusing can't they! My online mum FB friend group has a lot of laughs with some of the comments made by the 'Jeremy Kyle' parts of their families.
Thankfully I've got v few family members as FB friends...I believe there are certain things that need to stay with friends and not get into the family circles.

AGuidingLife said...

'K' is fucking fumming

I'll plump for verb not adverb to a typo. It was just a relationship status update put in the wrong place.

Sarah said...

Couldn't agree more Emma. My family is small and mostly not on FB (and fortuantely doesnt contain a Jeremy Kyle element). It does liven up my wall to have these people sometimes in a kind of car crash TV sort of way.

Ha ha, love that thought K, now why hadn't it occured to me? It all make perfect sense now ;)