Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Punky Dress

I love a bit of rummage through a Charity shop almost as much I hate wearing something that I'm going to see half a dozen other people wearing as I wander through town or when I'm on a night out so I like to combine the two and tend to buy most of my clothes in Charity shops.

I've had some great bargains, a few disasters (which have almost immediately been consigned to my own charity bag) and lots of staples for my wardrobe.

It can be a little daunting going shopping with nothing really planned.  There's no point in deciding what you want before you leave the house, if that's the kind of shopper you are then you really are probably best sticking to the high street shops.

It takes a little time to really get into the Charity shop frame of mind.  At first it seems like there is so much stuff that you couldn't possibly find anything but it really is worth persevering.

Obviously I do shop in the high street for some things.  You really can't beat places like Primark for wardrobe basics like vest tops and I even like their jeans because they have so many styles as well as different lengths which, when you are as tall as me is really important!  I'd rather pay £15 for a pair of jeans that only last one winter than fifty odd quid on a label that doesn't really suit me.

I mentioned a dress that I had bought a few posts ago.

I was in a Charity shop with SD - he likes to look through the DVD's, books and music while I scour the racks of clothes.

I pulled this dress out because the colours caught my eye.  Once I had it in my hand I really wasn't sure.  It looked shapeless and a little old fashioned on the hanger and I asked SD what he thought.

Like me, he liked the colours and the pattern but wasn't sure about it so I tried it on and ...

I absolutely loved it!

I love the slashed neckline which is something I don't usually go for. I love the weight of the fabric which means it skims without being too clingy.  I love the length which is exactly right for me and I really love the 3/4 length slightly fluted sleeves. 

But most of all I love the bold pattern like a child's painting that has been folded in half to form a butterfly and I adore the bright colours when so much of my wardrobe is black or grey.


 You can't see them in these photos but I punk the dress up a little by wearing my chunky New Rock boots which were an investment buy (yes, I DO sometimes buy new AND expensive!) and I love the edgy look they give this dress but I could also wear it with sandals in the summer or heels for a feminine look.

I LOVE these boots so much!

So, that was me last weekend with the addition of those boots and some chunky silver jewellery.

Oh, and did I mention, that dress was less than a fiver!

Do you shop at Charity shops?

Like me, do you think one persons cast off is another persons treasure?

Do you love my dress as much as I do ;-)


StacySews andSchools said...

WOW!!!! LOVE that dress!! What a great find!!!!

joeh said...

Are you done? I'm just about through checking out all the books, dvd's and music.

Dress does look nice.

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

I really should look round charity shops more - though I did pick up a very reasonable Mrs Mills CD a while back.

Karen @Baking In A Tornado said...

I love that dress, the colors and the pattern would have caught my eye too. I guess if you're willing to put the effort into shopping, you really can be rewarded.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Hmm, that dress reminds me of some wallpaper we had back in the 1960s...

K Ville said...

I do love the dress yes. Miles too short for me but looks lovely on you.

ann said...

Don't you look amazing. Well done on the awesome find!! Plus the boots, I need the boots!!
All my kids brand name stuff comes from our local Salvos shops!! I love poppin in there for a browse.

Sarah said...

Thank you Stacy, I love it - you can spend a lot of time rummaging but sometimes you find some great stuff.

Ha ha, I'm NEVER done Joe :-)

I can't get enough of them Mike, not just for clothes but for all kinds of stuff.

Thanks Karen, it really is worth the effort and I really enjoy it.

Ha ha BP - ME TOO - it's very like the wallpaper that was in my bedroom when I moved into this house!

Thank you K - you've got great legs if you wanted to go that short you definitely could!

Love my boots Ann - I REALLY love my boots! I've found some great stuff for Miss Mac in Charity shops too as well as some lovely stuff for her bedroom.

Holly Hollyson said...

What a find! It will look perfect with the boots. I love the boots too. I go charity shopping too. I love finding things in charity shops!

Tamara Gerber said...

That dress looks nice on you - next time show your face, too, will you? I first thought you were teasing us and posting #TheDress, you know the black and blue one ;-)

I am short and usually don't find pants that fit me in Europe, so I combine traveling to the U.S. - preferably West Coast where lots of petite Asian women live - with clothes shopping.
On our last trip we had some time to kill and had a blast at a Goodwill store. So much to see!

Sarah said...

I know you do Holly - I've seen some of your great finds! I love it with the boots - I like paring feminine things with chunky boots - one day I may have to write a post about my boots, I think I have about 10 different pair (and only one pair of proper shoes!).

Thanks Tamara - I will show my face next time if I'm not gurning :-) - God, that dress!! To me it was gold and white, mind blowing wasn't it? Shopping is so hard when you don't fit into the average range - things are so much better than they used to be but I've yet to find tights that are long enough without being too big!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Too wit too woo! You loook totally foxy in that dress! I'm not surprised you snapped it up. Your boots are awesome too! xx

Jules B said...

What a fab find! Absolutely love the dress. The boots are amazing as well. I do shop at Thrift stores occasionally. Usually for household items.
I definitely feel one person's trash can be treasure to another person!

Sarah said...

Awww, thank you Emma Kate - I was chuffed to bits to find it xx

Wasn't it Jules? I buy household stuff too, there are things all over my house from Charity shops, must get round to writing a post about them sometime!

Jenn Solivais said...

There's no doubt sometimes we need to splurge and spend a little more money for things we love.

But man does it feel good to find a great find at a small price!