Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day Two - Change Of Plan

I was quite relieved this morning when I woke up to find that yesterday hadn't just been a blip.

I still felt pretty damned good :)

Now, my plan for today HAD been to clear out my bedroom in preparation for decorating (even though I still ache all over from yesterday).

It's a pretty town
Then I got a phone call from Woody.  He was going to Dulverton, a lovely little market town on Exmoor  to pick up some contracts for a case he was working on.  Would I like to come along for the ride and lunch?

Hmm, difficult decision ...... ;)  NOT!!

Who could resist Acorn Antiques:)

I just like the colour :)

They were quite cute so we shared a little
With work out of the way and the sun shining we decided to pick up some lunch from a little deli and sit by the river where we were joined by these guys:  

But then I noticed THIS:
All their friends wanted to get in on the act!
A lovely place to lunch (apart from the hoards of hungry ducks!)

Could be worse, could be in focus ;)

Woody took some truly crap photos of me which I will NOT be publishing and in return I took a truly crap one of him which obviously I will ;)

"Don't you think ducks look like
they should have arms?"

Besides, he seemed to find it extremely funny for some reason when I said:

They DO ...  don't they ...?

This evening I went out for a drink with Paul. Hard to believe that this little gem is literally TWO minutes from my door!

I also took a photo of Paul which I kind of promised not to use so I trawled the net for a lookalike and the closest I came up with was this:

Oops! (sod it, what's
the worst he can do ... ?)

Ok, maybe not quite Brad (although he does have the hair, it's just tied back) and you do have to bear in mind my crappy camera and the fact that is was getting dark

Ha ha, gotcha surfer dude ;)          

Oh, and I nearly forgot to say.  Woody brought me a present.  It's a little bit wacky ...

Can't think WHY he thought of me but I may just hang it on my bedroom wall.
Thank you Woody!

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