Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Guess Where I Went Today .........?

Bet you can't  ...............  ;)

Ok, I'll spill.

I went to the BEACH :)))

Woolacombe in Devon and oh, hardly anyone was there .......... (again)

Actually, I'm not QUITE so smug today.  It was raining on the way down and I thought it might have been a huge mistake.  As we neared the sea the fog started rolling in and visibility went right down.

BUT, the rain stopped, the fog cleared, and although it was a little windy it was still a great way to spend a couple of hours.

My phone is playing silly buggers at the moment and taking forever to download the photos but here's a taster.  None of me today ( the gurning returned with a vengeance and I don't want to scare anyone!!).

Gus had a great time

Although this confused him a little

how much do I NEED a decent camera???

the arty shot :) I must think of a new format!

a much needed hot chocolate!
I may well add a couple more photos to this should my phone ever let me.  Watch this space ........


Anonymous said...

I am insanely jealous! I spent many family holidays in Woolacombe and loved every single one. We used to stay at the Atlantic Hotel and would go swimming in the Narracott Grand. I have some very fond memories of that beautiful little seaside resort. My sister has good friends in Barnstaple and always goes to Woolacombe when she goes down.

CJ xx

Sarah Mac said...

I know CJ, I'm so lucky to live within spitting distance of sooo many beautiful beaches (most of which I seem to have been to in the last couple of weeks!).

Today wasn't the best weather wise but the rain held off and there's something about the beach in all weathers.

Hope you make it back there sometime xx

Kelloggsville said...

well I was in the sodding office again! Will you just stop this whole beach thing LOL actually do you see the cream and pink houses on the hill, in about 1987 I stayed in either of those or in that row at a fantastic guest house. It was owned by a 90 year old woman, had edwardian plumbing, 2 pin plugs and we had to move her car for her each day because she couldn't turn her neck to reverse off the drive. It hadn't changed since 1922 and was quite an incredible experience. Love Woolacombe and all that coast.

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, think that might be the last beachy day this year unless a miracle happens :)

Now I REALLY wish I had a decent camera so I could have got you a better photo of the house! A great story, glad the photo brought back such good memories.

It is beautiful around there. South Devon is the place of my childhood memories and I haven't made it there once this year (but watch this space:).