Sunday, 9 October 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


Kelloggsville said...

is that a photo named 'desire'?

Sarah Mac said...

More a photo named 'put things away in their proper place or you WILL forget where you put them' :)

Catherine said...

Such beautiful shades of blue. Is the dish glass? Love it!

I like your silent Sundays. Sometimes there's enough noise in my head that I like to see a lovely photo with no words.

That makes me sound crazy but you know I'm not. Well, just a little.

Sarah Mac said...

Not really crazy at all Catherine :) Mocha Beanie Mummy who started Silent Sunday did it for exactly that reason.

It used to be a linky but unfortunately some people didn't follow the rules of just a picture with no words and she became disillusioned with it and removed the link.

It's so lovely that I and others have carried on doing it anyway.

The dish is glass, I have an identical one that is half as big again. Blue glass is my latest craze. I love it so much that I may do a post devoted to it at some point.

I'd just plonked the bracelet and earings in the dish when I took them off and thought it would make a nice photo.

We all need a little craziness in our lives ;) x