Monday, 17 October 2011

TaP - Stop Press - I Worked It Out!!!

Rather than re-write this post I have added the linky at the bottom.

Feeling very techno geek now (although those of you in the know know how easy this is;)


For any one who missed last weeks TaP (Toast a Post) the idea is that each week I will post a link to a blog post that has caught my eye for whatever reason.

It may be because it's made me think, made me laugh, given me a warm fuzzy feeling, whatever.

The idea behind this is sharing a little blog love.  This isn't about ME for once (but lets face it, you get plenty of me whether you like it or not anyway :).

All I'll be asking is, that if anyone wants to, they link up their favorite post of the week (not one of your own) and, well, that's it really.

No rules, no requirements to follow me or anyone else just link up and, if you have a little time to spare, pop along and take a look at some others (or just my link if no one else links up:).

Anyway, this weeks favorite post is:

As I walked out one October morning ...   by Lesley at  Postcard Pam Goes Large.

It's got everything I love in a blog post.  Beautiful photos of amazing people, a lovely story and (because Lesley and I are possibly two halves of the same egg) a daft anecdote that could have come straight from me and had me giggling til the tears ran down my face.

GREAT post PP!


pam said...

I love you!

lesley x

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, mutual PP you nutter :) x

Anonymous said...

I found my entry #2) Pretty paper and poems! via one single impression poetry prompt. I think the mandalas are pretty cool!

Sarah Mac said...

Hey, thanks Adam :) I'll head over and take a look.

Teri C said...

Thanks for the mention. I love creating mandalas and combining them with poetry.

You have a great idea here!

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Teri. I'm hoping people like it, it's a little different.

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

Hi Sarah - I've added TAP to my link up list on whoa-mumma.blogspot.com. I made a button to link up with because I couldn't find one here (or an email to contact you with) - hope that's okay!

Sarah Mac said...

Thank you Alex - no button just yet as I haven't made one :)