Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Truth or Dare

Today  I went to the doctors for a routine checkup.

At the beginning of  2010 I wasn't too well but generally I'm fine now.

Even my fat foot is very much better thank god.  The cold weather is setting in so the flip flops are going to be relegated to the back of the cupboard soon and wellies, well, they don't go with EVERYTHING  do they?

PLUS, I recently bought these:

god I LOVE thigh high boots -  bloody difficult to take a
photo of on your own though!
 (these have slipped a little due to the angle)

My doc has a habit of asking the questions I don't always want to answer:

How's your appetite?  Umm, give me a dare ...

Are you sleeping? Oooo,  I'll take the dare please ...

Is anything bothering you ...  playing on your mind?  Look, just give me the damned dare would you!!!

Then he asks me to hop on the scales.  THAT'S the one I really hate because I know I'm loosing weight again and I know what that means ...

Another round of blood tests :(

Well, when they can find a vein that is!

I may have mentioned before that there are a few things I've inherited from my mother.  One is her face shape.  Two is her shoe size and the third and really bloody annoying one is her collapsing veins!

My BMI has dropped below 20 once again. Deep joy

According to my doc, anything between 18.5 and 20 is fine if you are an athlete.  Well I ain't no athlete so apparently it's not ok.

Such is life.

Still, life could be worse, I could have a bare arse !!!*

Gus, my gorgeous Border Collie has a little problem.  He's been scratching a lot over the past weeks, particularly his rear end.

Well, fleas are as much a part of life when you have pets as headlice are with young children, so I deal with it.  I'm pretty good at keeping on top of it.  All the animals and the house get a regular going over and we don't really have a problem.

To be honest, headlice used to be a MUCH bigger problem than fleas have ever been when the children were young.

So I was fairly confident when we went to the vets on Monday that it was something else bothering my pooch.  Over the weekend he had been scratching and biting. Driving ME nuts as well as himself and leaving the hair on his backside and tail very thin.

My bloody dog it appears is allergic to fleas!  No he doesn't have any BUT he has reacted badly to being bitten by one.

My vet and I are on quite good terms since the time he saved Gus's life and we all ended up on the floor. Gus unconscious and me in the vets lap while he realigned my dislocated knee (long story;)

It's hard to maintain a professional distance when someone's thrown themselves on top of you and you've manhandled their patella.

So Gus is now on a course of steroids which will apparent ease the problem but may make him extra hungry and thirsty while he's taking them.

Oh really Mr Vet?  You weren't kidding were you?

I found that out when, on the way back from our walk this afternoon. I stopped to chat to a friend for a few minutes and Gus wandered off and started chomping down a pile of puke at the side of the road.

TOTALLY GROSS!!!  Ewww, yuck and fuckedy fuck!!!

The dog is banished to the hallway until I get that image out of my head and he learns how to clean his own teeth and gargle!!!

* I feel I should point out that I DON'T actually have a hairy arse ;)


Kelloggsville said...

I feel your pain with your BMI but I do find that chocolate and cake are the way to keeping mine tolerably high. It's hard work and a constant sacrifice but sometimes we just have to suffer for our bodies....did someone mention cake, ohhhh that would be nice..stick the kettle on but put the dog out back, one sign of his sicky dribble and he'll have my regurgitated cake to look forward to :)

Sarah Mac said...

Well, the doc did say eat as much as you like of whatever you like ... and I DO like chocolate and cake (and chocolate cake most of all!).

I can't even bring myself to look at Gus right now. It was TRULY disgusting!

Ha ha, pull up a chair, kettle's boiling ;)

Jayne said...

I heard whisperings on the internet that cake was being offered...

Damn, dogs are revolting creatures at times. Mine ate cat poo out of the litter tray when we first got our kitten. Gross!

Sarah Mac said...

There's always cake on offer here Jayne and plenty to go round :)

Ha ha, animals can be horrible a times. I'm hoping it is just the drugs with Gus, he's never done anything like that before!