Tuesday, 26 July 2011

All I Want For Christmas

is a decent camera..........

Nothing flashy, I'd never read the manual anyway so it would be wasted on me.

My lack of a decent camera doesn't stop me taking photos even if they are on my (frankly not really up to it) phone and on Sunday I spent the day at Lyme Regis in West Dorset.

The original plan had been to spend Saturday at Woolacombe with it's seemingly endless beach and waves that bring surfers from miles around.

Sadly I wasn't too well on Saturday and Sunday wasn't really traditional beach weather (the joys of a UK Summer!).

How glad am I!!!

The joy of seeing my children revert to being children, clambering over rocks looking for fossils, dangling their feet in a stream, playing hide and seek in the woods.

No TV, no computer games, no commercial, over thought out, over priced , themed, 'fun' park.

Just us, the sea, the rocks, fresh air and laughter (and a huge homemade picnic).

We had the BEST day .............

one of the many large fossils we found

There's something about driftwood ...

my favorite photo of the day

amazing cliff formation

the fossil hunters

of course Gus came too!

boats in the harbour

Miss Mac and Gus cooling their feet after a VERY long climb

possibly why they call it the Jurassic coast

view from the hills high above the bay

my 'arty 'shot

Giant Gunnera (or so I'm informed)

Master Mac holding back coastal erosion

you may have already seen this one ;)
oops, couldn't resist, I'm baaad  


Anonymous said...

Love the photos Sarah. Looks like you all had a fab time.

As for a camera - I would recommend Nikon..I have Nikon Coolpix which is a little point and shoot thing, but it is really easy to use and it takes great shots. I think it cost me around £70...I also have an SLR but thats a whole different ballgame, and not what you are looking for!

Have a great day!
Lou :-) xxx

Alex said...

its too early to be thinking about christmas

however for my birthday i want ........................................

The Rambling Pages said...

I have just bought a Fuji point and shoot thing and I love it although the Nikon did come a close second. I think it was the bigger optical zoom that sold the Fuji to me. Love the photos, looks like a greatday!

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Lou, we had lovely day :)

Thanks for the info on the camera too, I really don't have a clue but I love taking photos so I'll look into it.

Lol, Christmas is before MY Birthday now Alex! Soooo, what is it that You want???

I'll take a look at that one too RP, Id love a decent zoom. There was a little yacht with a sky blue sail that I could see when we were on top of the hills but its just a dot in my photo :(

Claire said...

It looks lovely! We just bought a lumix point and shoot type which has a great zoom on it. I also have a Nikon digital SLR (D50) which I take out for actual photo taking days but it's too bulky for holidays. I have no technical ability but I'm a trier!

Sarah Mac said...

Same here Claire, I love to take photos and I know exactly the image I want to capture, sometimes it works, sometimes not but a decent camera would help I think.

Rowen said...

Look at Argos, they update all the time, and they usually have some pretty decent camera's at relatively low prices.

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Rowen, I need to have a look around. The more photos I take with my phone the more frustrated I become, mostly by the lack of zoom. Just picked up the new Argos catalogue today so when I can prize it our of the childrens hands (they are making christmas lists!!!) I'll take a look.