Saturday, 23 July 2011

That awkward moment

When someone goes in for the lunge and you accidentally head butt them.

Well, I say accidentally ………  he was bloody lucky I didn’t bitch slap him!

That approach might have succeeded when I was 16, which incidentally was the last time I went on a date with this particular person (the blast from the past I mentioned a few posts ago) but I didn’t even realise this WAS a date.

Perhaps I’m a bit thick when it comes to men. I work on the assumption that If I'm not interested in them then they probably aren't in me.

I think a black eye and a broken nose might have made my position clear this time (a slight exaggeration ..... but only slight).

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the male species at the moment.  I managed to fall out with two of them before 8am this morning.

The children’s school has had activity days for the last three days of term.  Master Mac has been doing football skills with Exeter City football club.  The first two days at school involved a 9:15am start.  Today they were travelling to Exeter for a tournament.

6:45am, I woke him up having forgotten to ask what time he had to leave.  “The usual time” he grunted.

“What, the usual time you go to school (for an 8:45 start) or the usual time you’ve had to leave for the activity days” I asked (quite reasonably I thought!)

“The usual time”

“Yes but, the usual time…………..”  you get my drift …….

This went on for several minutes, In the end I left him to it.  It was either that or jump on the bed, batter him with a pillow yelling in his face “which effing usual time!!!”

5 minutes later he stomped down the stairs.  “Did you have to wake me up by TALKING to me he growled”.

13 year olds REALLY hate it when you laugh at them!

27 year olds don’t like it much either.  I can’t remember what Big D and I had words about but his parting shot  of, “I’m going out for an hour to let you regain control of your hormones”, was fortunately as he closed the front door or they may well have been the last words he uttered!

Then there's the cat, Bear (he of little brain).  I've decided to cancel his op for the snip.  Why deny myself the pleasure?  In the last few days he has broken a plate, eaten a hole in a cake and, for good measure, shit in my bathroom!!!

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todd carr said...

love this, you are so funny.

I can barely wake myself up in the morning, I can't imagine having to negotiate someone else's morning slumber.

I remember my own mother being the alarm clock to each of my dayz.....mom's have it rough for sho.

Sarah Mac said...

Thank god for the holidays Todd. All I need to do is leave trays of food outside his bedroom and clean pee off the toilet seat.

joeh said...



But I did actually laugh out loud several times, and that is pretty good. THis is very freaking funny!

THe Cranky Old Man

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Joe :)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

That was quite a day you had yourself there... I think you should have gone the pillow.

Visiting via the REwind.

Sarah Mac said...

Haha, I SO should have Allison :)

Janelle said...

Haha, oh dear, one of THOSE days! They suck at the time, but they are the days that make families in my opinion. What else would there be to laugh at later on over dinner and beers?

Sarah Mac said...

Exactly Janelle and without them, what would I blog about? :)