Tuesday, 5 July 2011

In The Words of Cat Stevens - The First Cut ............

My second stab at this weeks WoW although I'm not sure it really counts as Romance.

"I can't stress how important it is that we behead this fiend.

A collective wince swept the room as, to a man, they crossed their legs.

Moments earlier there had been light hearted banter, nudging and winking, ‘well, WOULD you’??

Apart from the few serious boffins at the front intent on discussing the medical, ethical and of course religious connotations the general consensus had been ‘NO WAY JOSE!’

As an opening line it possibly was a little harsh she acknowledged. But hey, they were big boys (or so they would lead you to believe) and frankly she really wasn’t in the mood to humour them.

Enough time had been spent in this mans world for her to appreciate that the only way to survive was to hit ‘em hard and keep ‘em down.

Besides, it gave her a certain amount of quiet amusement. 

For all their bluff and bluster. All their sidelong looks. All the comments made just loud enough for her to hear. They needed reminding from time to time that this was HER platform, her area of expertise.

They needed to understand, you didn’t have to own the pony to know how to ride it. 


Anonymous said...


Absolutely fab.....there is nothing more I can say except can you write more...magic titbit!

Lou :-) x

Sarah Mac said...

Blimey Lou, I'm not sure! What I said about writing from personal experience ....... hmmm, maybe not this time. (I am so glad my Mum doesn't read this:)x

Madmother said...

I agree - you have the hook!

Hanging to know what happens next, lol.

allison tait said...

You've set up a great heroine here - woman in a man's world, staking a claim, is always a great hook.

Jodie Ansted said...

Yup. I'm with the others. Would love to know what comes next! Fab.

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks MM, I'm not really sure WHAT happens next. Maybe I'll revisit and see what happens.

Thanks Allison, the kind of woman I admire whist not being at all like that myself :)

Thank you Jodie, I will work on this and see if I really do have a story in me.

Lene said...

This is great, I love this heroine. And I love, love, love the term 'boffin', brilliant!

Sandra said...

Hey Sarah, here you have really showed that a woman's thought and her work can go far beyond anyone can imagine in this man's world.

Good work and keep writing.