Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tonight I made peace with myself.

I did a lot of thinking today.  A little bit of crying.  Far too much cleaning! But no cooking.

 Lovely D my eldest cooked a mean curry for us all and his soon to be live in Girlfriend L.

I’m not saying that eveything’s fine but I’ve reached a certain level of acceptance.  I accept the inevitable, I understand the reasons.  I acknowledge that I don’t have to like it or agree with it but my best friend really does have my best interests at heart (however misguided that may be).

I think I managed that pretty damned quick!!!

I probably wouldn’t have quite so quickly if it hadn’t been for the support and caring comments I got from you lot over the last week and a long chat with my long term best friend (and yes, I’m allowed more than one) Maggie tonight (I love you Maggiemoo).

Obviously I AM still a little emotional (hey, I’m not shallow you know!) so I’m allowed to also say how the support of people I now consider to be friends in our strange little cyber world really has made such a difference to me.

Tomorrow I’ve decided it’s time to get this blog back on track so I’m going to be working on part 2 of ‘where are you from’, it’s a bit overdue  and a trip down happy paths may be just what I need right now.


Catherine said...

First of all, I haven't felt like you've been off track. Sunshine and roses is all good and well but honestly, I don't stick w/ the blogs that are too fluffy. I'm looking for a connection- a sense that there are others like us out there.

I'm awfully sorry about your friend- which are pretty weak words but they come from the heart. Keep doing what you do- in your life AND in your blog!

Big hug!

Sarah Mac said...

A heartfelt sorry means more than a thousand words Catherine. Thank you.

I do know what you mean about the fluffy blogs. I think I was more giving myself a stiff talking to.

There are (and have been) lots of good things in my life and while my heart aches for my friend It's important I don't lose sight of that. I've got things that need doing! xx

Nel said...

Glad you are on the turn mate!

Sarah Mac said...

Thank you Nel, I'll get there :) x