Thursday, 21 July 2011

“The first thing I'm buying when I get paid Friday is Jaguar Skills album”

Write On Wednesdays (part 4)

The final part of this weeks WoW.

“The first thing I'm buying when I get paid Friday is Jaguar Skills album"

The group of lads spilled from the fuggy warmth of the pub into the street scattering in different directions.

The cool night air made her shiver. He placed his jacket around her shoulder and she sank gratefully into the soft cloth.


She nodded feeling suddenly exhausted, the last remnants of alcohol leaving her body taking her defences with them.

She could feel the tears threatening to spill over her eyelids, her vision blurred, the lights from the pub windows fragmented and danced.  Angrily she blinked hard.  Who was she crying for?

“You’re a good friend” she said linking her arm with his, pulling him close so their shoulders touched.

“A friend” he repeated sadly, stopping and turning to face her.  They looked at each other, he touched his finger to the corner of her eye where a solitary tear had escaped.

“Always, I’ll always be your friend”

And so the evening ended as it had begun with her looking at herself in the mirror.

Make up slightly smudged, her lipstick long gone leaving her lips pale and full.

Her clothes lay on the chair beside the bed, a jumble of leather, denim and silk.

She held the bangle in both hands. The tears that had threatened earlier now softly falling. 

This wasn’t the  out pouring of grief that had gone before. The kind that made her nose run, her eyes red rimmed and swollen, that left her empty and sore and so, so cold.

She could hear him moving around beyond the door and the music quietly playing.  She knew that he was waiting for her.

She carefully placed the bangle in it’s box, her hand poised to snap it shut.

She sat on the edge of the bed, wrapping the warm woollen throw around her, not yet she thought, not yet, maybe never............


Rowen said...

You should write a book. Reading the last four posts is like reading a story, one that I think I'd pay money for... You're talented.

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Rowen. I've really enjoyed this weeks WoW. I'd like to think I had a book in me, who know's, maybe I do :)