Monday, 30 June 2014

Crafting, Kittens and a Poem

I was going to write a post about crafting this morning.

The post rapidly descended into:


So then I thought I'd put the crafting away for a bit until the kitten had a nap and write a post about my weekend.

Then I realised that I'd had a pretty boring weekend really.

I was supposed to be at Castle Combe racecourse on Saturday but I wasn't feeling great and the forecast was dire so I opted to stay at home.

SD set off with friends for what turned out to be a lovely sunny day (other than one freaky hail storm - in JULY?  REALLY??) and Miss Mac headed off on the train to Weston-Super-Mare for the Great Weekender with 5 friends to see McBusted for the second time in as many months, the Backstreet Boys and Scouting For Girls amongst others.

Obviously due to the DIRE WEATHER FORECAST I sent her off fully prepared for monsoon conditions and she came home sunburnt!

Anyway, I felt a bit better by the afternoon so I made a cake (of course I did!):

And very yum it was too!
Other than that I really didn't get up to much apart from my monthly teas and cake duties at the pensioners bingo on Saturday night.

Because I really don't have much to say today I thought I'd give an old poem I wrote a couple of years ago after a Bingo evening a re-run and here it is:

Bingo Boobs

I thought I saw her bingo book
Lurking under there,
I didn't really like to look
It seemed so rude to stare.

Her chest was like a giant pillow
With room for several heads,
Across the table it seemed to billow
Enough for at LEAST two beds.

Where was that book? it was a farce
I felt I ought to say,
I just thank god it wasn't under her arse
Or we'd  have been there half the day!

I'd umm'd and ahh'd (and gestured too!)
And pointed at her bits,
Then I shouted out (what else could I do?)



Brighton Pensioner said...

That cake looks good!

joeh said...

More poems!

Sarah said...

The cake was very good BP :-)

Hmmm, I'll have to have a think Joe, I need a muse ....

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

I had to read the poem to Luke. So funny! I agree - more poems!

Sarah said...

More poems it is then! ;-)