Monday, 9 June 2014

I Vlogged - Yes I DID!!!

Well, I WAS absolutely going to vlog for you this morning - in fact, I DID vlog!!

Taking a leaf out of Hollys blog I rounded up Gus for a walk taking my phone with me.

We don't have any waterfalls around here but I reckoned a puddle down the park would just about cut it  but when we got there there was narry a puddle to be seen!

I'd stopped off at Tesco Express on the way to pick up a Costa coffee because I was absolutely HANGING after the weekend - still am if I'm perfectly honest with you ...

It all started with much excitement in the Mac household as Miss Mac was off to see her beloved
One Direction at Wembley with a friend and SD and I were off to a muddy field just outside Bristol ...

The forecast had been for heavy showers so SD (being the borganised person he is) packed for every eventuality - waterproofs, boots, hats blah, blah, blah and I packed a spare pair of knickers and a four pack of rolos.

The weather was GLORIOUS!!!  Seriously hot and sunny with not a cloud in the sky.  Fortunately as it is June I was wearing shorts and as soon as I'd ripped off my walking boots and thick socks (which SD forced me into in the morning) and slipped off the straps of my vest top tucking the rest of it up into my bra in a very fetching bandeau stylee  I was set and flopped out on the rug on the grass.

UNFORTUNATELY SD had chosen to park right next to the off road course which meant that within 3 minutes I was covered in 10 tonnes of shit and partially deaf!  Luckily there was a huge ditch right in the middle for them to drive through so much of the time was spent pulling cars out and in between being sprayed I managed to burn my boobs to a crisp.

while they did this

It was an AMAZING weekend - lots of beer, lots of music, lots of sunshine and lots of this:

Urban Street Art - Don't you just LOVE his hair???

As well as all that there were the BMX riders:

Yes, sadly this IS my best photo

Who were completely mental and awesome!

And the Lowriders :

Who are really just mental

Along with roughly 10,000 other people we sat in the sun, shopped, looked at stuff, danced and drank beer and had the most fabulous weekend:

This was a converted cow shed decked out with the silk from a hot air balloon with various cars etc around the edges that the bands were playing in in the evening.

Very important - the food field

Anyhow, back to my vlog - it was a bit crap to be honest. I got as far as introducing Gus and showing you what I look like with no makeup and a ponytail (wearing sunglasses because my eyes hurt) then, as I bent to pick up the really shitty stick Gus brought me to throw for him I knocked over my coffee - got it all over my hands - licked it off my hands BEFORE remembering I'd been throwing the shitty stick for Gus and then my SD card was full.

Pretty much a vlog failure I'm afraid but I will give it another go at some point (possibly when I feel and look slightly more human!).

Hoping you all had the utterly fab kind of weekend that I did!


joeh said...

Nice hairdo. SO that's what happened to Alfalfa. (Little Rascals)

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

That guy's hair is awesome!! Looks like an awesome weekend. It is almost time for another weekend! Hopefully you are over your hangover in time for this one :)

Sarah said...

Lol Joe, I had to google that - it IS him isn't it?

Isn't he just the coolest Holly? Fantastic weekend, I'm still in recovery ;-)