Thursday, 26 June 2014


Just a short post today which has come about because it seems my domestic prowess has been called into question!!

I AM SPEECHLESS (well, obviously not quite ... ).

Yesterday Miss Mac was in town after school with friends when she called to ask if they could come back to our house to dye Chloe's hair.

'I guess so' I said 'but why can't Chloe dye her hair at her own house?'

'Her mum doesn't want her to' she replied.

'Well, if her Mum doesn't want her to dye her hair then I'm afraid the answer is no.'

'Oh, she doesn't mind her dyeing her hair' said Miss Mac, 'she just doesn't want her to do it at HER house.'

''Ce Pourquoi? (I know, I KNOW - and I said I couldn't speak French!!!).

'Well', said Miss Mac,' it's just that her Mum is very house proud and she doesn't want to risk her getting hair dye on anything but I knew you wouldn't mind because we already have hair dye on the bathroom floor ...  and the bathroom door ... and the ceiling ... and I got a bit on the radiator last time I dyed mine ...'

Hang on:


So last night I had 4 teenagers crammed into my bathroom whilst I made them American pancakes to keep up their strength and they tried to deafen me by blasting Ed Sheeran at full volume.

Miss Mac was designated hair dyer and I took a photo of her washing the the remains out of Chloes hair which I promised I wouldn't post on Facebook (and I haven't so I kept my promise!!).

And yes, we now have yet more hair dye on the bathroom floor ...

And if that wasn't a big enough slur on my domestic goddessity then it was dealt another blow this morning.

SD had check the weather forecast and it seems that after a lovely long run of gorgeous weather  everything is set to change this afternoon (just in time for Glastonbury which is the natural order of things).

'You might want to do some washing today while it's still dry' he said.

Bloody Borgan, I was affronted I tell you - I don't NEED to be told to do the washing!


I may not be so hot on the ironing and putting away stuff but I'm fairly confident in my washing abilities unless, well ...


But really, I don't think there was ANY need at all for SD to leave the towels here because as he put it:

It's the one place I am guaranteed to see them!


Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

I don't even own an iron! It sounds as though you are the 'cool mom'!

Beth said...

You are a lady with a lot of patience! Good for you!

Sarah said...

I've got one somewhere Holly, it may or may not be in working order, I have no idea ...

I am very long suffering Beth - fortunately it work both ways as much patience is required for life with me too.

Roan said...

4 teenagers dying their hair??? I'm shocked you can still tell what color the bathroom walls, floors, or ceilings were. You aer a goddess among mothers!

Sarah said...

It's getting harder to tell each time they do it Roan ;-)