Monday, 23 June 2014

Lazy Days and Summer

It has been the most GLORIOUS weekend - wall to wall sunshine and temperatures in the 20's.

On Saturday SD and I finally finished the hedge at the farm:

Looking good!

It's a huge job and takes at least three sessions to finish.  It's great working out in the garden but I am SO glad it's finished!

After a shower to wash the smell of bonfire out of my hair we headed out to the pub.  Rather than go to one of the ones more local to me we went to one that SD used to drink in a lot when he was younger.

Set in the Somerset countryside it's peaceful with a beautiful garden.  There was live music playing, the beer was chilled and the sunset was stunning!

After a very lazy start on Sunday and a full English breakfast we set off for the beach.

I haven't been to Hive, a lesser known beach near Burton Bradstock in Dorset since last year.  It's a little further along the coast than our usual haunts of Lyme Regis and West Bay but so worth the extra effort to get there.

On the way we stopped for coffee at a farm shop high on the hills overlooking one of my other favourite beaches Seatown.  Seatown is very secluded and, as it's down a very long winding lane it tends to be off the radar for many sunseekers.

We sat outside in the baking sun and I took this photo.  Due to the heat haze it's not the best photo of Seatown (way down in the valley).

Hive was the busiest I've ever seen it and only with SD could you set out for the beach and find an improptu car show going on in the field used as a car park:

So we spent a little time chatting to the Morgan owners club - LOVE that one in the first picture - the newest one there but I think they have got it spot on!

And then to the beach to lie in the sun, read my book and soak up the rays:

Again, maybe not the best photo but I was lying down at the time and actually couldn't see a thing as the sun was shining on my phone and most of the photos included my knees:

Like this one!

I did get a photo of this cute couple though:

So far I'm having a very happy, lazy Summer, I hope you are too!


Brighton Pensioner said...

Both Dorset and Somerset have such beautiful countryside, I'd say you are about as lucky as me in that! It was a great weekend along the coast here as well.

Sarah said...

I'm very fortunate BP and we all are here in the UK at the moment with this lovely weather!

Roan said...

The garden looks very nice and love the sky! A side note. I am published, but not in the Bestseller catagory...yet. I haven't won the lottery yet either. Sill hopoing. :)

AGuidingLife said...

Eugh sand. *shudders* nice green bits though :)

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

The hedge is a triumph! The pics of the countryside are so beautiful. You live in such a beautiful part of the world Sarah. xxx

Sarah said...

One day Roan I'm sure you will be! The sky actually looks more yellow than it really was in my photo but it was beautiful.

Lol K - I feel like that about sand too but fortunately (like most of the beaches on that coast) it's not sand at all, it's tiny little pebbles which are literally a pain to walk on but don't get everywhere like sand does!

The hedge is really SD's triumph Emma, I'm just the ground man (for some reason he won't let me loose with a hedge trimmer ...). I wish my photos did full justice to the countryside, it is simply stunning xx

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

Beautiful pictures - that sunset is lovely. I have never been to Dorset - I had no idea they had beaches like that! Of course you went to a car show!! Classic cars are cool though.

joeh said...

Love the Morgans

Sarah said...

If you get the chance then Dorset is well worth a visit Holly, there's beautiful countryside as well as beaches. I should have expected the cars really shouldn't ?

Me too Joe, the people that owned them were really nice too.