Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Cheer (not really ...)

I'm not a morning person.

That is somewhat at odds with the fact that I tend to wake early and I'm not really one to lie in once I'm awake.

It does mean that I like a bit of quiet time in the morning and I really don't do conversation until I've had at least one (preferably two) cups of tea.

So this morning when Miss Mac came bounding down the stairs with the request that I French plait her hair on one side put it in a high ponytail and finish the plait in a fishtail I was probably less than enthusiastic due to the fact that my eyes weren't actually open yet!

Anyway, I gave it my best shot and she seemed happy enough which, given that she is a very discerning 15 year old means I must have done a pretty good job.

Of course I should have taken a photo to show you but well ...


Have I ever told you how obsessed with eBay SD is?

He is totally and  I really don't get it ...  He's got loads of stuff on his watch list that he got no intention of ever bidding on but he just wants to keep an eye on it.

I don't get it ...

I mean, I understand wanting something and looking for it etc and I understand selling stuff but I have no idea why you would spend hours looking at stuff that you're never going to buy.

With SD it's mostly cars.  Cars and tyres ...  Cars, tyres and wheels ...  Cars, tyres, wheels,beach buggys and bikes ...

And he know weird stuff too!

He was looking at this car the other night.  To be honest, it looked like a heap of shit to me but apparently it was a rare '76 something or other.  I think most people agreed with me as it didn't have any bids but SD was fascinated.

'There's something not quite right about it' he said.

'There A LOT not right with it' I agreed.  Mostly that would be that it's a heap of rusty crap that looks like chickens have been nesting in it.

'It's not that' he said.  'It's the wheels.  It wouldn't have had those 13" 27/34/65's (I just made that figure up by the way just in case you think I was actually listening ...) - those wheels were only made between '82 and '83 in deepest darkest Peru for the long wheel base Snafflehousen with the hatchback rather than the four door which had the bigger wheels with low profile tyres ...'

Or something like that anyway ...

WHO KNOWS THAT STUFF and what's more - WHO CARES???

'Me' said SD, 'I care - and Saw Mill Jim, he cares oh, and Kinky Mick although he's now changed his name to Titty-Twister (the name of the vampire truck stop in the Dusk to Dawn films if you were wondering ...) to try to give himself more credibility but everyone knows it's still Kinky Mick ...'

And then I gave up.  After all, who am I to argue with Saw Mill Jim and Kinky Mick the Titty-Twister - clearly there is something lacking in me that I really don't give a flying whatsit about such stuff.

It's cold and wet and miserable here today and I am struggling with the anomoly that is my bathroom.

Obviously it isn't finished.

My problem is that so far I've given the white stripes 2 coats of paint and the blue bits 3 coats.  When I come down in the morning I'm practically blinded by the whiteness that is my bathroom but, by the time I've had my shower the blue stripes have started to reappear ...  I really cant be arsed to give all the blue a 3rd coat but I'm not sure if the final coat (which will be a vinal silk or something) will properly cover the blue and I won't know until it's too late so I really SHOULD give it another coat.

But I don't want to ...

I'm also being loved to death by Eddie my small black cat as I try to type this.  Eddie is often very standoffish so I feel I should make the most of her being loved up but she keeps climbing up my arm to rub her face against mine and, as she has one tooth that is slightly overhanging, it really hurts!

We will be bring the kittens home from the farm this week.  I've tried really hard to get a photo of the two of them with their two Mums but the black cat (who is the real mum) is very jumpy and every time I get near them she runs away.   Anyway, expect lots of cute kitten pics very soon!

Other than that I'd like to report that I'm all sorted for Christmas!

All present bought and wrapped, all cards written and over seas ones posted, all food in the freezer and decorations sorted and ready to go up ....

I'd like to - but I'd be lying ...

I've bought a couple of presents for Miss Mac so far - I DO have my cards though which I bought back in October from the Whistlefish shop in Newquay.  I hardly send any cards at all but the ones that I do are really pretty.  My freezer is so full of fruit that there's no room for festive treats and, well actually, last year, for the very first time, I put my decorations away properly rather than shoving them all into carrier bags and boxes in a jumbled, tangled heap so they are all in the shed boxed and wrapped and ready to go which will not be until DECEMBER!

The house over the road from me has a  balcony which they have decorated with blue and white flashing lights that I thought was very pretty until I went to bed and realised that the constant flashing was lighting up my bedroom every 3 seconds all bloody night - I'm hoping that they get a seriously large electric bill very soon and turn the damned things off!

I do love Christmas though and I will get into the spirit of it at the appropriate time (that would be in the 2 weeks before the 25th not before!).

Miss Mac is visiting her Dad this year ...  Hmmm ...  Not really looking forward to that but never mind.  SD and I will have lazy days and long walks on the beach and she will be back for New Year when we shall party!

Ok, enough procrastinating - I'm going to go and give that bloody bathroom another coat of paint ...


ann said...

SD and my other half would get along like a house on fire. He too is obsessed with ebay and cars etc. I have been on the ebay bandwagon lately trying to get xmas sorted!!
I just today brought 5 aloe vera plants, a real bargain and free postage!! Last week it was a starwars lunchbox!!

Suzi - Under The Windmills said...

Hi :) I just wrote a ridiculously long comment, but google ate it! Looking forward to kitty pics! No matter what happens in the world kittens are always going to put a smile on your face :) eBay.... Sigh.... The reason I moved to the farm (Hun, I just bought 3 quad bikes! They were really cheap and should be easy to fix!) me: where the hell are we going to ride them? Fast forward 5yrs and I am living on a farm with 3 broken quad bikes...
Christmas won't be to colourful at my place this yr, the deco's are in a cupboard that is being blocked by a "temporary" pantry while my kitchen is being done... So looks like we will make do with a picture of a tree hand drawn by my 5yr old and somebody flicking the mains power on and off to replicate Christmas lights! At least Christmas 2046 will be fun!! Great to catch up on your goings on :)

Sarah said...

I'm getting there Ann but very slowly. Love Aloe Vera, I hope your plants flourish!

Ha ha - SD would get on like a house on fire with your husband! Lovely to hear from you!