Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Five Truths and One Lie - The Reveal

Yesterday I published a post with six statements five of which were true and one which was a lie.

Thank you to Angela from Sanity Waiting To Happen for the idea.

Today I am going to reveal which answers were true and which was the lie.

1)  When I was young my sister convinced me that I was not only adopted but also Chinese by telling me that one in every four people in the world is Chinese and therefore, as the youngest of four girls it must be me!

Absolutely true Ann, my sisters were sometimes very mean to me and I was very gullible trusting.  All four of us look so different that it wouldn't be hard to believe that we weren't related by blood.

2) I was once knocked flying by Roger Daltry from The Who as he raced up the steps out of an underground station in London.

Also true.  I was in London for work and was walking to the top of the stairs with a colleague when he came tearing up the stairs and ran full pelt into me knocking me sideways.  He was very apologetic and I didn't realise who it was until my colleague said 'did you realise that was Roger Daltry' - and I said 'Who ... '

4)  I once rode a sheep for for 12 miles.

Joe and BP - I'm disappointed in you!  I thought you read my blog?? - You MUST remember this post?  Ok, I MAY have used a little poetic licence but I DID ride that bloody sheep!

5)  Rather embarrassingly I once went to A&E with a broken finger nail.

Yes I did!  Many years ago I was invited to play 10 pin bowling.  My nails were rather long at the time and as I threw the ball it caught my finger nail and ripped it across more than half way down.  There was blood EVERYWHERE!  The nail was half hanging off and no one had the stomach to trim it for me so I ended up in A&E where a nurse cut it and dressed my finger AND gave me a tetanus - I haven't bowled since - FAR too dangerous!

6)  I can make excellent paper boats - I was taught by the vicar during choir practise using hymn sheets.

True - I was in the church choir from the age of 8 until 13 and Mr Davis, our vicar, often used to liven up choir practise in various ways.  When I was much younger he came round for tea and let me put my pink plastic dolly curlers in his hair - unfortunately we forgot to take them out and so he went off to visit other parishioners still wearing them - I was very upset when I realised but he did return them later in the day. Apparently everyone was far to polite to mention it so he didn't know until he got home and his wife saw them.

Voila - a paper boat

3) I had to call my friend one morning to come round to my house to cut a hairbrush out of my fringe because I'd got it so tangled.

Lie - this didn't happen to me but it DID happen to my friend Claire (although she had to drive through town with the brush dangling in front of her eyes to get to me) - Claire is almost as famed as me for making an arse of herself.  As well as this she has also glued her hand to the toilet cistern and once seriously said to me 'I'm not sure exactly where my placenta is' (and no, she wasn't pregnant at the time ...).

I had fun with this post and I could have written so many more statement - in fact, maybe I WILL.

Maybe it could be the start of a new series or something (you KNOW how much I love them!).

Please do give it a go yourself and let me (and Angela) know if you do.


ann said...

You should do some more!!

Sarah said...

It could be the start of something couldn't it Ann ;-)

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Pah - I had my money on No 6...

Sarah said...

Ha ha - they also float Mike - we used to have races across the font!

A.K. Knight said...

This reminds me of when I used to play Truth or Dare with my friends. Mr. FC tells me you don't have the same game in the UK, but this is a marvelous version. More, please.

Sarah said...

I think there should be more FC - maybe 5 lies and a truth ... xx