Friday, 14 November 2014

I Am Food Blogger (send me Thermomix!)

I suddenly remembered last night that I'm a food blogger but I haven't written any serious foodie posts for ages ...

Or, well, EVER really ...

How are those lovely, lovely Thermomix bots patrolling tinternet looking for mentions (they DO you know!)  EVER going to find my blog and send me that cake levitator if I don't post the occasional amazing food post?

As I was making that great British classic Toad In The Hole for tea last night I thought I'd document it and take lots of arty type photos and blog about it today.

It started well:

I was going to do a step by step tutorial on making the batter and then move on to caramelised onion gravy and veg (we had ours with roast potatoes and broccoli).

I put the potatoes on to par boil - the secret of really good roast potatoes (and mine are pretty good if I do say so myself) is to boil them for about 5 minutes, shake them around in the pan to roughen up the outside (this makes them extra crispy!) and then importantly, let them go cold!

You want room temperature potatoes to go into really hot seasoned oil or fat - yes, goose fat IS the best but for every day I use vegetable oil - sunflower oil just doesn't work as well for some reason.

If you put hot potatoes into hot oil they just absorb it and end up a little greasy rather than crispy.

So anyway, batter made and in the fridge (it works better if it rests for half an hour), potatoes on to par boil and ...

Shiny Stuff!!!

For the first time EVER I completely forgot the potatoes and by the time I remembered them this is what had happened:

This is the bottom of the pan AFTER I'd removed the potatoes!
Hmmm ...

I am slightly downcast and disheartened by my failure (all of which would easily be remedied by receiving my free Thermomix ...) and, drawing on my recent success at fitting a new bulb fixing the broken bathroom light I have decided to become a DIY blogger instead (but I'd still love a Thermomix!).


Brighton Pensioner said...

Nice one, Sarah!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ah, we've all been there and stunk the house out with burnt potatoes. You are not alone. A thermomix would totally help. I have no idea what it is. You can write a post all about it and educate me when they send you one.
Looking forward to the DIY posts! ;) xxx

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

Normally it is rice with me! I can't even tell you how many times I have forgotten about the bloody rice until it is black at the bottom!

Sarah said...

Thanks BP ;-)

I've absolutely no idea what a thermomix is either Emma or if you can even get them in this country but it doesn't stop me wanting one! DIY post in progress :-) xxx

I've done it with rice plenty of times Holly but this is a first (and hopefully last) with potatoes!