Monday, 26 September 2011

My Guide On How To Avoid Gurning

I get nagged every now and then by a couple of friends on FB for not posting any photos of me.

Well, there's a really good reason for that.

I have inherited my Mothers ability (along with her face shape) for gurning at every given photo opportunity.

So I take photos I don't appear in them and anyway, I LIKE taking photos.

Well, on Saturday I had an unexpected day out. The weather was freakishly warm for England in September and I went to the beach with a friend.

Lulworth Cove in Dorset.  Breathtakingly beautiful, making me realise yet again, I NEED a good camera!

I took some photos anyway:
Of The Scenery

a bucket and spade tree
I want one!
Sunset over Durdle Dor

Lulworth Cove

Sunlight on the water

I then developed a fascination for feet underwater

Random strangers beware
I will ask you to stand still while I photograph your feet

digging with my toes in pebbles didn't do much for my nail polish

And then, my friend was gobsmacked to be asked to take some photos of ME.  Mind you, I did specify back views only (not the face, PLEASE, not the face!).  Just because, well, just because one day, I may wish I had some.

Keeping almost within remit I don't think my friend did too bad a job really (apologies to any FB friends who may have already seen some of these but I'm so chuffed not to look hideous that I am compelled to show them yet again:).

A sneaky profile one

That moment before I jumped

And yes, the water was bloody FREEZING but it felt great and was worth being looked at like I was some kind of mad woman.

This may not be the Arse Art promised in a previous post but I think it does prove catagorically that I DO have one!


Mark said...

That's not you - both the ankles look way too normal !!!

Sarah said...

Damn, busted!

Obviously it's a spare pair I keep purely for photo opportunities (along with my spare arse ;)

The rest of it though I'm pleased to say (well, other than the sea wind ravaged hair) is all me.

Lene said...

The photos of you are gorgeous....and the scenery is not too shabby either!

Sarah said...

Thank you Lene :) It really is THE most beautiful place!