Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hanging My Head In Shame :-(

For I am an object of scorn. I am that creature so reviled by the writing world.  Lower than a low thing in a very, very lowly place.

I am a ................. PLAGIARIST!!!!

I know, shocking isn't it?

It was brought to my attention this evening by the following text:

"Oi you - stop nicking my lines"

Obviously I responded with, "DILLIGAF?" (Some people .....  so bloody touchy ;-)

But then I thought, hmmm, maybe he's got a point and credit where it's due, he did give me P-U-R-E-F-U-C-K-I-N-G-S-T-Y-L-E and also my one liner for WoW which I didn't directly credit him with (but he was the FB friend I was referring to) and possibly one or two other lines as well.

SO, I would just like to formally say ...........  Ok, now I don't tend to name names on here which makes it a little difficult so, what should I call him?

Well of course I already have the perfect name. We even joked about it once ............

So, SA (smart arse)  technically it should be NSASA (not such a smart arse)  but, as I don't really have the moral high ground here, we will go with SA.

I humbly apologise for nicking your lines and any future quotes from you shall be prefixed with SA.

AM I FORGIVEN ????? xx


Mark said...

Hmm - I actually feel sorry for SA - He's now in the awkward position where he can't comment on your apology for fear of being exposed - I hope he has other means of contacting you to forgive you.

Anyway great blog and a fantastic name for it - how did you come up with "People Don't Eat Enough Fudge" - It's a truly inspired observation...

Sarah Mac said...

I hadn't thought of that Mark but hmm, you have a point.

To be honest, I never found that SA had any problem at all in exposing himself but, yes, I would understand if he was reluctant to do it publically.

I just hope he can forgive me. I'd like to think he can and I've forgiven him far worse things so I'm fairly confident...

So glad you like the blog. I love the name and as you say, truly inspirational (as well as true) and also, I must confess (although he has been credited in an early post) it is also an observation from SA in response to something I once said.

I guess he really had been quite a major influence on my blog right from the start.

Mark said...

He sounds like a truly wonderful unassuming, inspiring, witty and selfless sort of chappie.... :-P

Sarah Mac said...

What can I say? He is everything you say and sooo much more!

Although ....... we shouldn't forget that technically he IS really NSASM ;-)