Friday, 16 September 2011

ONE HUNDRED AAAND ...................

Well ok, one hundred!

Today I gained my one hundredth follower in Kelloggsville and already she demanding tea and cake!!

Cheeky mare.......   Just my kinda gal  :-)

like this one

Now I think I'm supposed to mark this momentous occasion in some way and, if it isn't usual then why the hell isn't it and I'm going to anyway!

I could throw a party but too many of you live to bloody far away!

 I could bake a cake ....

We could (SA suggestion rather than quote but I'm bloody paranoid now!) eat  jelly and play games,

 OR I could waffle on about me and stuff........   I know, lets do  that  :))

Well, I've recently told a few unknown facts about myself in another post  and I'm left wandering what's left that you don't know.  Hmmm ...

I can curl my tongue  
I was the voice of Trago Topsy (for Trago Mills) on a radio advert when I was about 8 or 9.
For reasons best not gone into I once had a saucepan named in my honor.

Anyway, enough about me.

Only kidding!!!  MORE about me!

Seeing as it was a tale of my humiliation that led Kelloggsville to me I thought I would re-share one or two old posts that some of you may not have seen.  The common theme being, yep, you've guessed it, my humiliation.

Starting with:

The first time I was mistaken for a hooker

My Supermarket humiliation (damn those self checkouts!)

My son's amazing manhood (and the giant ice cream)

My battle with control pants (all in the name of research you understand!)

My adventures in a wheelie bin (with a bag of cat shit)

Fun with my phone (or, as the title says, I'm not the alien, it's an effing android!)

The SECOND time I was mistaken for a hooker (with slightly more justification)

And finally this one, just because the memory still makes me smile.

Now, if you've waded through all of that then you definitely deserve a slice of this!!

And that party?  Well who knows, could happen.

Thank you ALL for following me, you are truly great! x


Kelloggsville said...

:D feeling slightly 'post party too much cake' ikky but I appreciate the trail of humiliation laid in my honour. I promise I can live up to the baton laid down before me.

Sarah Mac said...

I''m a slacker Kelloggsville, sorry for the late reply!

I have no doubts that you will do me proud :)