Saturday, 17 September 2011

Listography - What Makes Your House a Home?

This week Mother Porridge  is hosting the Kate Take 5 listography.

I haven't taken part for a while but I couldn't resist this weeks list and, having read Mother Porridge's list, I couldn't believe how similar her home seems to be to mine!

Bearing this in mind I've decided to follow her list format loosely so you can compare for yourself :)

I also love fairy lights
1. Random objects everywhere - Yep, that's me.  I love the idea of there being a place for everything and in fact, there probably IS. It just isn't always the obvious place and I may not always be able to instantly recall what that place is.

 In an effort to reduce the chaos I bought a merchants chest.  15 drawers (I know, one of the handles is missing, it's in one of those bloody 15 drawers and I WILL get round to fixing it back on ......... one day.....).

In truth the damn thing is filled with so much crap I can't find anything.  Last night I did sort through the small top drawers though so I'm getting there.

Bear taking a snooze while I'm trying to type!
2.  The pets - Two cats, Tilly and Bear (he of little brain), one dog, Gus and the hamster Figgy (so called because he is large, round and full of nuts and fruit).  They give my home a warm feeling.  Partly that's because there is always someone there to welcome you home and partly because the amount of bloody hair they shed gives a whole new layer of insulation to everything.

part of my 'filing system'

3. My paper mountain - I have several and a few carrier bags of it and a filing cabinet (rarely used but useful for holding my hair straighteners).  How I envy people who deal with things as they come in, who have budgets and adhere to them who (or so Im told) have SPREADSHEETS and can account for every penny.  Of course there is not justifiable reason why I can't be one of those people too and it would make my life sooo much easier but hmmmm, aint NEVER gonna happen!

some of my treasures (ps I HATE that wallpaper with a vengeance!)
4. The piano - Ahh, well, I don't have one of those but I wish I did, I really FEEL I could play it if I did!  I do have lots of other things though.  I'm a bit of a charity shop junky and a great believer in one persons rubbish being another persons treasure.

see, clean water

5. The quirks - Where do I start???  The bowl that catches the relentless drip from the toilet cistern (CLEAN water I do assure you ;).  The two way lighting in the dining room that's wired up wrong so you have to turn the lights on in a certain order otherwise they don't work.  The way that due to my Victorian plumbing when you empty the bath the shower tray fills with water.  The fact that their isn't a single square doorway or level floor in the house.  The way the wind whistles down my chimney when it's blowing in a certain direction making a sound like an orchestra tuning up (badly!).  I could go on .....

I know, that's my 5 but I just need to sneak one last one in - memories :)

they may not be quite so cute these days  but they are just as loveable.


The Rambling Pages said...

Great list, I love the way your home sounds with the un-square doors and dripping cistern (I hve one of those as well!).

Sarah Mac said...

I once commented on FB that I had come to the conclusion that it wasn't rustic charm that my house possessed so much as damp and crumbling plaster :)

It's a nightmare in so many ways RP but it's home.

Melksham Mum said...

It's definitely the quirks that make a home! Who wants boring perfect showy homes anyway? I enjoyed reading your list x x

Anonymous said...

That is uncanny...were we separated at birth? I also have a collection of blue vases like in your pic. Don't have a handy chest like yours though but I now want one!

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Melksham Mum - I have to say, if it's the quirks that make a home mine must be the most homeliest home ever! :) xx

It's possible Mother P - I sometime suspect that I was taken from my proper family at birth (do you have royal connections?? :) Love my chest (the merchants one).

Kelloggsville said...

Do other people have spreadsheets and budgets?! Really?! Noooooo...I have piles of paper like you. Is 'Quirks' a really polite way of saying 'the stuff I'm sick to death of nagging my husband to fix'...'cos my house is full of those too! I would love to say 'laughter and love' would be on my list but to be honest it's probably just mess and teen angst!

Sarah Mac said...

I think they just SAY they do to piss me off ;) oh, and it works!

My house is sadly in the state it is mainly because of the 'fixing' that's gone on.

I like to think of my clutter as distractions (also having dodgy wiring meaning that half the lights don't work helps)

Yep, lots of mess and teen angst here too!

The mum of all trades said...

A great list. The memories just mean so much don't they?

Shell Louise said...

I'm hiding from the paper pile. It's getting too big to ignore but I'm trying my best every day!

I love your chest of drawers (I also love fairy lights!) but I'd probably be the same and forget which drawer I put something in!


Sarah Mac said...

The memories are the best thing of all moat, and the best thing about them is that you can take them wherever you go :)

That's just ONE of my piles SL ;) I love the drawers but the temptation is to just stuff things in them when I'm tidying up. I'm getting it sorted though, not sure how long it will last :) xx