Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Hottest September Day On Record


And I got to go to the beach!!!

I did spare a moment or two for those of you stuck in the city or in an office or really, just not AT THE BEACH :))

Being the generous kind of person I am I even took a few photos to share so you could pretend you were there too.  There was LOADS of room.  (guess everyone was stuck in the city or in an office or really, just not AT THE BEACH :))

Saunton Sands near Barnstable in Devon.  I would have loved to go back to Lulworth but it's just a little too far to go and get back in time for the children but hey, I'm not complaining, LOOK!!

Look, NO peeps!

guess they must all be in the city or stuck in
an office or something ....

Gus was there though

along with my shoes

no time to explore the sand dunes
(too busy sunbathing ;)

the tide was way, WAY out

the sun shone on the water

great surfing waves

Gus cooled off

hardly a cloud in the sky

umm, seaweed art?

did I mention there was hardly ANYONE there?
Can't imagine where they all could be ......


Anonymous said...

Lucky worst. Brighton was busy. Pebbles not sand. Altogether I prefer the beaches down west. I do miss living in Cornwall sometimes.:.

Anonymous said...

Wotsit not worst.... predictive text on phone!

Kelloggsville said...

Well that sounds like a better day than yesterday ON THE BEACH. Whereas I wasn't, I was in the bloody office!

Sarah Mac said...

Well you know I think you were mad to leave Cornwall Adam :)

Brighton does have it's good points though. I'm still hanging out for someone to go to the Metrodeco with me.

A much better day thanks K. Were you really in the office? I WAS wondering where everyone was ........ ;) x

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't so nice and didn't class myself as a friend I may just feel inclined to say something not very friendly after looking at all your photos of the beach, that you were enjoying while I was sweltering in a hot sticky office all day long.....lol

Lou :-)

The Rambling Pages said...

Jealous, Jealous, Jealous, did I mention I was jealous?!

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, go on Lou, I deserve it for being such a smug cow :)xxx

Hmmm, getting a sense here that you might just be a little ........... jealous RP? ;)