Saturday, 1 October 2011

Oops, I Did It AGAIN!

October 1st in ENGLAND and I was at the beach!!!

3 different beaches in one week ......

Lulworth Cove

Saunton Sands

and today, Seatown
Seems a little greedy really ........... 

 Oh well, I'm over it!

And guess what?  

Given that Seatown is just a little cove down a little lane, there was hardly ANYONE there!!

Smug?  Me??  You better believe it :))  Look .....

miles of nothingness

ok, a few other people

food to die for!

the obligatory arty shot (I try:)

No people here tho .......

well, except us

oh, and them

hmmm, and him

So what did you get up to?  (cause as far as I can see, you weren't at the beach ;)


Tiffiny said...

Wish I was at the beach! Looks wonderful. Great pics.

Catherine said...

Lucky you!!! The beach looks wonderful and I'm appropriately jealous.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - wish I had been at the beach instead of driving up ad down the M6 taking number one child back to uni - still we had a laugh at all the parents in the supermarket buying tonnes of food for their children to try and squeeze into that teeny tiny bit of fridge and freezer space they will get in their communal digs! Never mind by the time they get to the third year they will be laughing at all the newbies like we were...lol

It has bee gloriously hot though today, and the beach looks fab - all the beaches looked fab!
If there a fourth for tomorrow?

Lou :-)

Lene said...

Sounds lovely Sarah! It is offically beach season here in Oz and I love, love, love it. The beaches are incredibly crowded here on the Gold Coast though. I have to escape to northern NSW to get any kind of privacy!

Anne said...

Wow Sarah! How lucky you've been. Those photos are gorgeous, especially the huge surf! LOL (just kidding) Send some of that warm weather over here. It should be warmer here by now. Blowing a gale here today and yesterday. Not exactly beach weather just yet. Enjoy it while you can!

Anne xx

Sarah Mac said...

It's been an amazing week Lou and typically I got a little sun burnt this morning at a car boot sale!

It's great if you know where to go isn't it Lene. Seatown is a ting place very near some much more popular places but hardly anyone knows about it :)

I can't believe how lucky we have been this last week Anne but I don't think it's set to last much longer. Two people have told me that SNOW is forecast before the end of the month!!!