Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Name's Sarah and I am (destined to be) a Redhead

Last night I went to this really cool bar called Rule 7.

It's in a converted wine cellar so it's got loads of little cave like things where they used to store the wine that are now seating areas.

The food is amazing and the music ...  Jazz, Blues, Soul, just made me want to dance!

Before I went out I decided it was about time I dyed my hair.  Now, regular readers may remember I accidently went purple a little while ago.

Well, the purple faded into a reddish colour and I decided it was time for a change so I bought this:

NOW, does it not clearly say GOLDEN BROWN????

I was thinking it would tone down the red a little.

After I washed it out I looked in the mirror:

hmm, looking a little RED to me ...

So I looked a little closer:

what do YOU think?

I still wasn't convinced.  After all, it SAYS golden brown on the box doesn't it?

Then I thought, You can't really tell until it's dry:

it's bloody RED again isn't it!


Tiffiny said...

I feel for ya! This happens to me every time I try to dye my own hair. It either goes red, orange, yellow, or somewhere in between.

Hey but at least the red you got is in style.

Kelloggsville said...

yup, definitely red...but it suits you :) Who wants to be boring golden brown anyhoo !

Anonymous said...

Golden will go red. Red is hard to cover up. Try an ash brown.

Anonymous said...

I think if you want to banish the red, you may need to get a colour stripper, and then start again!

Maybe you should just do as I have done and embrace your inner redness - cept mine is more gingery than red but hey ho!

Lou :-)

Sarah Mac said...

Doesn't seem to matter what I do Tiffiny, the end result is always red :)

Aww, thanks K. I'd like to have the option though ;)x

Thanks Connie, I'll try that next time :)

Not sure I want to go that far Lou. There's a lot of natural red in my hair so yep, you could be right.

Although ... I've always fancied going electric blue ;) x