Thursday, 6 October 2011

Reflection ......

Last night I deactivated my Facebook account again.  That's twice in the last few months.

I feel a bit like a petulant toddler to be honest.  It was a spur of the moment thing which would have been a hell of a lot easier if Facebook didn't make you jump through hoops to do it!!!

Where the fun in going 'nah, don't wanna play anymore' when there are 10 different stages and a bloody word verification to get through???  I just wanted to hit a key and see it implode!

Actually, the truth is, it's NOT that I don't want to play.  I like my Facebook friends honest. It's just that yet again I found myself frustrated by it.  It's me, not them and I know, I could just not log in but I find it easier not to have the option.  I expect I'll go back at some point ....

In some ways I've had a great summer.  I've been out and about a lot!  I've loved writing my blog.  I feel I've made some new friends on here.

Before this degenerates into a BUT I'm going to stop and show you a few highlights of my summer (some you may have seen before:)

Lyme Regis 





Yep, I'm pretty lucky really so I'm going to quit my internal bitchin' about the things I don't have (or, failing that, at least try and keep it to a minimum :)


Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

do you need a slap luv????

Post me over some of those scones, seriously scrumptious! Your summer does look lovely and so do the kids and that arse shot!!!!

yes good old facebook. You're not the only one either. xxx big love to you from me xxx

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, that's EXACTLY what I need Gemma :)

The scones were bloody lovely, oozing clotted cream and jam!

It's been a great summer in so many ways and we've been to some beautiful places.

I just need to get over myself really, I'm working on it ;) xxx

Claire said...

I felt like quitting on FB myself, it can be a nasty place at times but I just remember all the help and support I get from 90% of my friends on there and change my mind.

E. said...

Those photos are great. It seems you have had a lovely summer. How many beaches have you been to in the last week?

I gave you a blog award over at Whingingattheworld.blogspot.com

Sarah Mac said...

Like I said Claire, it really IS me. No one is really doing anything different I just seem to have less tolerance for it right now.

I'll still keep in touch with those that are real friends and they know where to find me too. It's not forever, just for now :)

Thanks E. Ummm, that would be 5 beaches in 10 days :)

Wow, thank you so much for the award, I'm heading over to take a look xx

Kelloggsville said...

I rely on FB for Guiding contacts but sometimes I think if I see one more 'post this status if..' arrrrgh

send me scones now or the kitten gets it.....it has to be one just like that...ps put the kettle on too :)

Will you stop posting about beaches or I promises I will do a long post with loads of office shots .... lots of them, loads of different angles ....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

You're summer pics make me green with envy - well being so close to the sea does, and scrummy scones do!

FB is one of those things that is just sent to try us. I posted on someones blog about all the new changes with it and said it wasn't broke so they shouldn't have fixed it, and got told that I was basically being narrow minded and should embrace the technology...Made me laugh cos I am a real techno geek and the technology was never the problem...lol
I think I would miss having a laugh at some of the crazy stuff people post though if I deactivated myself on there.

Keep blogging - I would miss you if you didn't.

Lou :-)

Sarah Mac said...

Ahh, the 'post this if ...' status K. One of my loves too!

Tell you what, I'll send you scones and throw in the kitten for free, deal?

Now I was thinking beach season may be over but if it means missing the chance to see a load of office shots then I may just have to have a rethink ;) x

I probably will miss FB in lots of ways which is why I didn't make a big thing of it Lou, just disappeared for a while. That way I can just come back and mostly people won't even have noticed :)

I don't know, it's all pretty harmless stuff really but sometimes ....

Don't worry, no plans to give up the blog now THAT I really would miss! xxx

Feisty Cat said...

I would so love to give up FB. I feel like I would be letting down all my nieces and nephews though. The truth is they probably wouldn't miss me.

--Feisty Cat

Sarah Mac said...

Well I nearly logged in tonight just to complain that other than two or three people, nobody seems to have noticed I've gone!!

And then I remembered .......... I didn't actually want them too ;)