Monday, 10 October 2011

Today I Went To Crewkerne

Wikipedia says:

Crewkerne is a busy little Somerset market town of around 7,000 residents. The town retains much charm from the bustle of previous centuries and has some very attractive neo-Georgian architecture in its famous honey-coloured town centre buildings.

And yes, it is charming and the houses, made of local Ham Stone, are pretty quaint:

Best find of the day:




I could have spent HOURS in there just inhaling the scent of old books!

Slight low point of the day:

We were there to have my ring valued for auction

On a brighter note, we found this on the way to the auction house:

Bacon sandwiches ALMOST as good as my own :)

AND a bakery/deli that sold about 30 different types of bread as well as homemade jam:

No idea what the bread is but  it looked good so I bought it.
It's YUM and blackcurrant jam
is my all time favorite!
Which we took back to The Demons house, check this out (can't think why he wont swap;)

you may have seen this doorstep

I WANT this garden! (I have plans for it;)
See that walled bit at the end?  Perfect for fruit trees and a veg patch.

The palms are a little out  of place in an English country garden (try not to break into song here ;) but they do make this great shimmering sound when the wind blows through them.

It's not looking it's best at the moment but hey, it IS October in England y'know.

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