Wednesday, 12 October 2011

An Odd Sort Of Evening

I've had, 2 phone calls, a text conversation and an email conversation all with different men tonight.

All of which possibly make me sound like a bit of a tart ;)

To be honest, my heads all a bit to f*ck (SORRY, I really DID try to think of a more polite way of putting that, honest!!).

Too many different conversations.  Too much to think about. I'm not even 100% sure I know what I was talking about with who anymore!

The first phone call was from James.  We share a love of olives and hugs and a mutual temporary aversion to Facebook.  I love James, he's like a favorite big brother, or at least how I imagine a brother should be.  He takes me out, makes me laugh and laughs so much at his own jokes that he cries.  He always chats up the waitress although he insists he's just making polite conversation (not sure they always see it that way James:)

Everyone should have a James in their life, I may consider hiring him out!

Then I got an email from Ian 'Where the bloody hell are you?  Have they put you inside for collecting too many ASBO's'

Umm, SORRY Ian, I completely forgot to answer your last email.  Well, the truth is, I DIDN'T forget at all.  Ian is my own little Jiminy Cricket, he sits on my shoulder whispering into my ear, trying to organise me.  Disorder offends him and so sometimes I find it easier not to reply rather than to tell him that yet again I have eaten my 'to do' list.

But this time I could in all conscience email him back because I had ticked off ALL the things on my list.  I did remember to buy Master Mac new rugby shirt.  He wore his old one for the first time this year last week and came home wearing it under his school shirt.  It was a little on the tight side and by the time he'd run around and got rather hot in it the bloody thing was WELDED to his body, I had to peel it off!  I had sorted the rest of the drawers in the Merchants chest.  Started divorce proceedings for the 3RD time! And looked into the possibility of a photography course at college but it's sadly beyond my budget at the moment :( but one day!

Well, once we got over all that we had a chat about this and that and he's made me another sodding 'to do' list, hmmmm!

I had a text conversation that to be honest had been brewing for a while.  I'm glad we did :)

The final phone call was from Woody. He who put up the catapulting washing line!  He who while helping me paint the hallway managed to splatter cream paint all over my floor even with dust sheets!  He who ...  Well, the list goes on.  Safe to say that despite his many wonderful qualities DIY is NOT his forte!  He is a great cook though and he's great at mending bikes so I forgive him much (as he does me:) and he's also a fellow insomniac so he's usually up for a chat in the wee small hours if I can't sleep.

Anyway, all this testosterone filled conversation has left me unable to sleep again which is a real bugger as I'm knackered!

Guess I might as well make a start on that 'to do' list ...  :)


Anonymous said...

Now Sarah, only a few posts ago you were telling us how blue light from screens inhibits sleep...

To do: get sunglasses for night time computer use!



Sarah Mac said...

Lol, so it was Adam. Im always looking for something new to blame my lack of sleep on :)

Jayne said...

Sounds mad busy and I'm not surprised you couldn't sleep. Good luck tackling the to-do list :))

Sarah Mac said...

It was a bit Jayne and not a typical evening I hasten to add. Just one of those like buses ... ;)

My to do list has got off to a flying start, I shall bore you with the details in a post later.