Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Time for TaP

It's that time again where I share my favorite blog post of the week.

TaP - Toast a Post is your opportunity, if you so wish, to join me in sharing a post that has caught your eye in the last week.

There are no rules. You don't have to follow me. You don't have to follow anyone else. You don't even have to send me chocolate cake (although feel free if the urge takes you).

Just link up a favorite post, NOT one of your own and take a look at some of the others.  Leave comments if you like and of course, let the person who's post you linked know as it's always nice to hear that someones enjoyed  what you've written.

Hmmm, assuming there ARE others?? (thank you Adam for linking last week :)

I've had a chat with a couple of people about linkys.

They are notoriously hard to get started and require lots of persistence and flogging which may possibly mean that this will just go back to me posting a link once a week in the near future.

Anyway!  My favorite post of the week was from a lady who says pretty much all the stuff no one else would dare.

She's lewd, rude and frequently crude and has me in stitches.

This may be one of your tamer posts Lady Estrogen but I think it's one that NEEDS to be shared!


Lady Estrogen said...

Well, it may be tamer, but it's not easy on the ears! LMAO.

Thanks for the shout out, hun :)

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, forgot the public health warning ...

People - this WILL make your ears BLEED!